two benches side by side along a building.

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Bench Partners

Two side-by-side wooden benches along Finney Chapel offer a place to chill pre-concert or a space for quiet reflection. Photo by Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97

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College of Arts and Sciences

The Oberlin ethos encourages cross-discipline exploration that breaks down boundaries and allows students to find—or create—their own paths. See where your path might lead.

Conservatory of Music

Music is in Oberlin’s DNA. We are the only major music school in America that focuses almost exclusively on undergraduate education. Our programs, classes, and performance opportunities create an ideal environment for developing the complete musician. 

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While some visit options have been suspended due to COVID-19, we have begun offering guided campus tours on a limited basis. Registration is required. We also offer a variety of dynamic virtual sessions for prospective students.

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Writing to Be Read

June 8, 2020

An Oberlin collaboration with a Cleveland nonprofit helps students explore long-form writing—and expand their audience.

Awards and Honors

Oberlin faculty, students, and alumni compete for awards, scholarships, and fellowships that reward high achievement in disciplines across the board. From STEM fields to musical performance to art and more, Obies see their hard work recognized and supported by the most prestigious organizations in higher education.

organist and pianist Celina Kobetitsch.

How Organs Become Vital

May 18, 2020

International travel—and Oberlin opportunities—proved pivotal for Fulbright Finalist Celina Kobetitsch ’18.

From the Blogs

While learning from home these past few months has been challenging, the invitation my teachers provided to think about the pandemic through so many different lenses has truly helped me make sense of what is going on in my own life and also the world.

Communication from President Ambar

President Carmen Twillie Ambar pens a letter to the Oberlin community offering hope and a path forward with a new initiative.

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“The liberal arts framework of Oberlin gives you the space to listen, and most importantly, to learn.”

Jules Greene ’19