Interdisciplinary Performance Minor

Interdisciplinary Performance encourages students to explore creativity through a broad range of performance practices and study of subjects related to performance, including audience interaction, improvisation, and dynamics among performers.

Dancer works with tissue suspended from the moon image mounted above the stage, while a cellist provides the musical score.
A dancer collaborates with a cellist for their Senior Dance production.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko


This minor offers students an opportunity to explore creativity in a broad range of performance practices. Students will investigate the nature of performance across the arts including the nature of the audience and performer interaction; dynamics among performers; the creative and political opportunities afforded by various kinds of stages (from page, to proscenium, to community, to playing field); the complex interplay of improvisation, inspiration, and practice; the relationship between mind and body.

Students wishing to complete the Interdisciplinary Performance Minor should consult with their academic advisor or a member of the curricular committee and complete the declaration of Interdisciplinary Performance Minor form.

Sample Courses

College of Arts & Sciences

  • AAST 262 - Capoeira Angola
  • ARTS 049 – Visual Concepts and Processes: Mixed Media Sculpture
  • CINE 313 - Animation Workshop
  • CRWR 195 - The Practice of Writing
  • DANC 107 - Samba
  • THEA 100 - Acting 1: Fundamentals

Conservatory of Music

  • APST 140 - Internalizing Rhythms
  • APST 142 - Beginning Improvisation
  • OPTH 202 - Introduction to Opera: Performing Techniques
  • PVST 001-049 - Principal Private Study
  • TECH 350 - Workshop in Music & Media Technology

Faculty Liaisons