Interdisciplinary Performance Minor

Interdisciplinary Performance encourages students to explore creativity through a broad range of performance practices and study of subjects related to performance, including audience interaction, improvisation, and dynamics among performers.

Backstage, 2 dancers embrace.
As part of the annual Spring Back dance concert, a series of site-specific performances challenged the boundaries of proscenium performance.
Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97


This minor offers students an opportunity to explore creativity in a broad range of performance practices. Students will investigate the nature of performance across the arts including the nature of the audience and performer interaction; dynamics among performers; the creative and political opportunities afforded by various kinds of stages (from page, to proscenium, to community, to playing field); the complex interplay of improvisation, inspiration, and practice; the relationship between mind and body.

Students wishing to complete the Interdisciplinary Performance Minor should consult with their academic advisor or a member of the curricular committee and complete the declaration of Interdisciplinary Performance Minor form.

Sample Courses

College of Arts & Sciences

  • AAST 262 - Capoeira Angola
  • ARTS 049 – Visual Concepts and Processes: Mixed Media Sculpture
  • CINE 313 - Animation Workshop
  • CRWR 195 - The Practice of Writing
  • DANC 107 - Samba
  • THEA 100 - Acting 1: Fundamentals

Conservatory of Music

  • APST 140 - Internalizing Rhythms
  • APST 142 - Beginning Improvisation
  • OPTH 202 - Introduction to Opera: Performing Techniques
  • PVST 001-049 - Principal Private Study
  • TECH 350 - Workshop in Music & Media Technology

Faculty Liaisons