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The Oberlin Review staff on production night
The Oberlin Review staff on production night.
Photo credit: Yvette Chen ’16

If you were the high school student who organized clothing drives, held an elected office in student government, volunteered at hospitals and food banks, wrote letters to the editor, auditioned for every student drama production or musical, organized a poetry slam or youth voter registration drive ... there is no need for you to curb your penchant for involvement and volunteerism once you hit campus.

With more than 175 student groups and clubs from which to choose, you’d be hard-pressed not to get involved in something. From politics to faith and identity, and from counseling to sports, Oberlin has an array of clubs eager for new members and new leadership.

And should your specific interests not be represented, take the initiative: Start your own club. Any student is free to organize for any purpose in accordance with the regulations of the college. Choose an advisor and get busy. It’s the Oberlin way.

Refer to the Office of Student Involvement for details about how to organize a new one.

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Aerialists, Oberlin College (OCAe)
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  • Aerialists, Oberlin College (OCAe)
  • Aikido Club, Oberlin College (AIKI)
  • And What!? (&!?)
  • Athletic Advisory Committee, Oberlin Student
  • Badminton Club
  • Ballet, Oberlin
  • Bowling Team, OC Intercollegiate (Thunder&Lightning) OCIBT (OC Thunder&Lightning)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling, OC (OBJJ)
  • Capoeira Angola, Oberlin (OCA)
  • Climber's Corps, Oberlin College (OCCC)
  • Club Sports Council (CSC)
  • Dance Umbrella 
  • Dressage Team, Oberlin College (OCDT)
  • Equestrian Team, OC (OCET)
  • eSports Club, Oberlin College (OCeSC)
  • Fencing Club, OC (OCFC)
  • Golf Club
  • Ice Hockey Team, OC (PLAGUE)
  • Movimiento 
  • OCircus 
  • Outings Club, OC (OCOC)
  • Partner Acrobatics Club, Oberlin (Acro)
  • Quidditch League, Oberlin (Obliviators)
  • Rugby Football Club, Women and Trans (OCWTR)
  • Rugby, Men's, Oberlin College (OCMRFC)
  • Shots Tennis Club Team, Oberlin
  • Ski and Snowboard Club, Oberlin
  • Soccer, Club, Albino Squirrels (OCAS)
  • Table Tennis Club, Oberlin College (OCTTC)
  • Tumbling Club, Oberlin (OTC)
  • Ultimate Frisbee, Women's & Trans (Preying Manti)
  • Ultimate, Open: Oberlin Flying Horsecows (Flying Horsecow)
  • ViBE Dance Company (VIBE)
  • Yoga Club (OCYC)

  • Bike Co-op (OBC)
  • Pottery Co-op (POTT)
  • SWAP: The Oberlin Book Co-op

  • Sexual Information Center (SIC)

  • Abusua
  • African Students Association
  • Asian American Alliance
  • Black Scientist Guild (BSG)
  • Black Student Athletes Group (BSAG)
  • Oberlin Buddhist Fellowship (OBF)
  • Chabad Jewish Student Group (CJSG)
  • Chinese Students Association
  • Christian Fellowship, Oberlin (OCF)
  • Christians Chinese Fellowship, Oberlin
  • Filipinx American Students’ Association (FASA)
  • Hillel (HLEL)
  • International Students’ Organization (ISO)
  • Japanese Students Association (JSA)
  • La Alianza Latinx (LAL)
  • Multiracial Students Association
  • Muslim Students Association (MSA)
  • Newman Catholic Community (NCC)
  • Obility, Dis/Ability Solidarity
  • Pan Asian Committee
  • South Asian Students Association (SASA)
  • Voices For Christ
  • Zami

  • Acapelicans
  • Black Musicians Guild, OC
  • Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse
  • CHALLaH cappella
  • Classical Guitar Association, Oberlin
  • Concert Board (OCCB)
  • Film Co-op
  • Flute Association, Oberlin (OFA)
  • Folk Music Club (OCFOLK)
  • Gear Co-op, Oberlin 
  • Gender Inclusivity in Music (SGIM)
  • Hip Hop Collective, Oberlin (OHOP)
  • Latinx Music Union
  • Marching Band, Oberlin College (OCMB)
  • Modern Music Guild (MMG)
  • Musical Theatre Association, Oberlin (OMTA)
  • Nothing But Treble (NBT)
  • Oberlin Jazz Society
  • Obertones, Oberlin (OBTN)
  • Solarity
  • Oberlin Steel (OSTEEL)
  • Student Union Programming Committee (SUPC)
  • Swing and Blues Society, Oberlin (OSWING)
  • Taiko, Oberlin College (OCT)
  • Theater Association, Ob Student (OSTA)
  • Twerk Coalition
  • Wind Ensemble, Oberlin Community

  • Animal Rights, Oberlin (OAR)
  • Climate Education, Advocacy and Lobbying, Oberlin
  • Conservatory Council of Students (CCS)
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Democrats, College (OC Dems)
  • Energy Justice, Students for (SEJ)
  • Free Palestine, Students for a (SFP)
  • HIV Peer Testing (HIVPT)
  • Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)
  • JStreetU
  • Labor Action Coalition, Oberlin Student (SLAC)
  • Model United Nations, Oberlin College
  • OAsis, Oberlin
  • Office of Student Treasurer (OST)
  • Sensible Drug Policy, Students for a
  • Solidarity with El Salvador, Oberlin in
  • Solidarity with Guatemala, Oberlin Students in
  • Student Senate
  • Sunrise
  • Undocumented Inclusion, Obies for (OUI)

  • As I Am`
  • The Grape (OGRP)
  • The Oberlin Review (ORVW)
  • Plum Creek Review
  • The Synapse
  • Two Groves Review
  • Wilder Voice

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  • 3D Print Club
  • Archaeology Society, Oberlin
  • Art Students Committee
  • Big Parade (BP)
  • Burlesque, Oberlin
  • Chess Club, Oberlin College (OCC)
  • Drag Ball Committee
  • Effective Altruism (EAO)
  • Entrepreneurship Club, Oberlin
  • Experimental College (ExCo) Committee
  • Finance and Investment Club, Oberlin Student (OSFIC)
  • Finance Committee, Student 
  • Friendship Circle, Oberlin College
  • Good Talk
  • History and Philosophy of Science Society, OC (OCHPSS)
  • Light and Sound Association, Student (OLS)
  • Medical Student Association, American (AMSA)
  • Meditators, Oberlin (OM)
  • OSlam! (OSLAM)
  • Pre-Veterinary (American) Medical Association, Oberlin (APVMA)
  • Writers in Residence (WIR)
  • Young Educators, Oberlin

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Clubs and Organizations