Class Profile

Class of 2024 Profile

Oberlin’s first-year enrolling students represent 44 states and 41 countries.

2020 Applicant Pool

College of Arts and Sciences

Applicants 7,919
Admitted 2,999
Enrolled 579*

193 enrolling students (33%) were admitted through the Early Decision program.

Conservatory of Music

Applicants 1,480
Admitted 428
Enrolled 141*

College figures are for first-year applicants only. Conservatory figures also include transfer and graduate students.

*Includes 33 first-year, double-degree students enrolled in both divisions.

Fall 2020 Enrollment

College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music

First-Year Students 680
Double Degree (first-year and transfer) 34
Transfer 19
Graduate (conservatory only) 3


First-Year Enrolling Class Characteristics

Female students  61%
Male students  39%
High schools represented 500
Public school students 68%
Private school students 32%
International students 10%
U.S. students of color 29%

College of Arts and Sciences Academic Profile

First-year admitted students in the College of Arts and Sciences

Test Score Averages

ACT 30 - 34
SAT/ERW 670 - 750
SAT/Math 660 - 770

(Median 50 percent ranges)

Note: Oberlin will be test-optional starting with the 2020-2021 admissions cycle, and continuing as a pilot program through the 2022-2023 application year.

Class Rank

ranked in top 1% 18%
ranked in top 5% 46%
ranked in top 10% 61%
ranked in top 25% 89%


4.1 GPA weighted / 3.7 GPA unweighted
27% of first-year admitted students had rankings available

American Indian or Alaska Native   1%
Asian 13%
Black or African American 10%
Hispanic or Latino/a/x   8%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander <1%

*Figures represent a percentage of the incoming class. Percentages include some students in multiple categories. About 10% of incoming students identify with more than one racial/ethnic category

Data accurate as of 9/29/2020