Program Overview

Middle East and North Africa Studies

Middle East and North Africa Studies draws upon faculty and courses across the humanities and social sciences. The minor in this course of study focuses on this region broadly including Africa north of the Sahara, the Arabian Peninsula, Eastern Mediterranean, Iran, Turkey, and the Red Sea and Gulf Littoral states.

An illustration of three ambassadors and the king with some writing in Arabic.
Detail from an Illustrated Copy of the Shahnameh, “The King Receives Three Ambassadors,” Persian, late 15th century.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Allen Memorial Art Museum

Program Facts

  • Program Type: Minor

Program Director

Mohammad Jafar Mahallati,
Professor of Religion

Middle East and North Africa Studies News

Rebellion on the Nile

February 15, 2016

A dozen students led by Associate Professor Zeinab Abul-Magd spent winter term exploring the political and environmental issues facing Egypt.
A view of Cairo, Egypt’s sprawling capital