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Time Traveling with Jeremy Denk

November 13, 2023

The pianist and Oberlin alum is touring the country with an era-spanning program featuring women composers. He returns to Finney Chapel for the Artist Recital Series on November 30.
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Black and white photo of man sitting arms resting on a piano.

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My Cousin the Comb Jelly

November 15, 2023

The research of Darrin Schultz ’13 deepens our insights into animal evolution.
Darrin Schultz In his research, Darrin Schultz applied existing DNA sequencing technologies and new analysis techniques to organisms people hadn’t studied before.

Sounds of Change

November 10, 2023

Associate Dean Chris Jenkins wrote the book on conservatory reform.
Chris Jenkins in a panel discussion.


Art Market

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST
Allen Memorial Art Building


Artist Recital Series

Oberlin's 2023-24 series continues the legacy of presenting celebrated musical artists with six concerts that will shine a spotlight on the contributions of women musicians and composers.

Theater 2023–24 Season

We pride ourselves on cultivating a dynamic and supportive theater culture that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and the creation of new connections across fields. New forms of community...

Opera 2023–24 Season

Oberlin Opera has long been synonymous with excellence. Staging two major productions with orchestra each year, Oberlin Opera often challenges the operatic norm, and its performances have received critical acclaim.

Faculty and Staff Notes

Jan Miyake President of the Society for Music Theory

November 29, 2023

On November 11, Professor of Music Theory Jan Miyake started her two-year term as President of the Society for Music Theory.

Jason Stalnaker Coauthored Paper Published in "Physical Review D"

November 29, 2023

Professor of Physics Jason Stalnaker and Oberlin students Eduardo Castro Muñoz ’23 and Ehsan Nikfar ’25 have coauthored a paper in Physical Review D on a search for magnetic signatures of hidden-photon and axion dark matter in the wilderness. The article is being highlighted by the journal as an Editors’ Suggestion.

Steven Huff Book Chapter Published

November 29, 2023

Professor of German Steven Huff has recently published a book chapter titled "Amnesia, Chaos, Trauma: Kleist's Memory Games" in Memory in German Romanticism: Imagination, Image, Reception. Ed. Christopher R. Clason et al. London: Routledge, 2023. Chap. 1, 23-47.

In the Spotlight

This section highlights Oberlin students and young alumni. These students share how Oberlin shaped their decision to seek a fellowship or to pursue a particular course of study and subsequent career path. From winning awards and traveling the world to earning advanced degrees in a wide range of disciplines, these students reflect the benefits of an Oberlin education.

‘Rainbow’ Connections

April 21, 2023

Amara Granderson’s visions of Broadway came into focus on the stages of Oberlin.

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Recent Features

For Sake's Sake

November 13, 2023

Jamie Graves fell in love with the world of Japanese beverages. He’d love to tell you why.

The Vagina Dialogues

November 13, 2023

Despite its cheeky name, Tight Lipped has serious plans to address vulvovaginal pain.

Feels on Wheels

June 21, 2023

“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it was a huge relief,” he recalls. “I hated riding that thing.” In his fourth year, Bisker inherited a broken-down family bike that had...


Oberlin Alumni Magazine

Established in 1904, Oberlin Alumni Magazine is published three times a year by Oberlin’s Office of Communications and distributed to alumni, parents, and friends of Oberlin College.

Cover of the Fall 2023 issue of Oberlin Alumni Magazine

Oberlin Conservatory Magazine

Oberlin Conservatory magazine is published annually by Oberlin’s Office of Communications in partnership with Oberlin Conservatory of Music. It is distributed to alumni, parents, and friends of Oberlin Conservatory.

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young man in art room painting at an easel.
Oberlin student touches up a painting in the art studio.
Photo credit: Matthew Lester

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