At Oberlin College, our financial aid policies reflect a historic commitment to inclusion and academic excellence. Financial aid packages meet 100 percent of the demonstrated need for every student, both within and outside the United States, as calculated by the Office of Financial Aid.

By meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need, we bridge the financial gap between talented students and an Oberlin education. More than two-thirds of students receive need-based assistance. Grants typically make up about 75 percent of a student's award, with the balance composed of work-study and low-interest loans. 

While our international admissions process is highly competitive, we urge you to apply. Oberlin covers an average of 75 percent of international students’ costs.

We know the financial aid process is complicated, so our staff is available to address your questions and walk you through it.

Aid for Incoming Students

When you complete the College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE, the CSS sends Oberlin a complete copy of all your information. The staff in our Office of Financial Aid then analyzes that information and establishes a family contribution amount for you. This amount will include contributions from both you and your parents.

Your demonstrated need is the difference between this family contribution and the cost of attending Oberlin.

Federal School Code for FAFSA: 003086
CSS Profile Code: 1587

Types of Financial Aid

Financial aid is generally awarded in a three-part package that includes grants, low-interest student loans, and money earned through student employment. Oberlin is committed to keeping the “self-help” portion of aid packages—the loan and work-study components—as low as possible. Typically between 70 percent and 80 percent of a student's award is made up of grants, with the balance composed of work-study and low-interest loans.

Grants and Scholarships

We set aside over $59 million for student grants and scholarships each year.

Grants & Scholarships

Student Loans

Federal student loans have a low fixed interest rate and must be paid back.

Student Loans

Federal Work-Study

Part-time federal work-study jobs pay an hourly wage on campus and count as part of your financial aid package. 

Work Study