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Keep abreast of AAPR’s comprehensive examination of Oberlin’s programs and activities. Review the draft and offer your final comments to the steering committee.

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Admissions 101

9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Clyde S. McGregor ’74 Office of Admissions

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student in front of class giving a talk
A student gives an oral presentation about her research as part of the annual Senior Symposium. Talks were held in classroom throughout the King Building. Photo credit: Michael Hartman

The Senior Symposium showcases the academic and artistic work of each year’s graduating class. Students present talks about their original, independent, or collaborative work conducted for seniors honors, program/departmental capstones, research assistantships, community-based projects, private readings, summer research, or course-based research. The event is coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Research

Senior Symposium in PicturesSenior Symposium Program