Ann Cooper Albright Gives Keynote and Publishes

August 22, 2019

Professor of Dance Ann Cooper Albright gave a keynote talk at the Nordic Forum for Dance Research’s (NOFOD) annual conference which was held in Helsinki, Finland. Her essay “Life Practices” is the lead essay in the recently published Oxford Handbook of Improvisation in Dance.

Drew Wilburn Quoted in Article

August 19, 2019

Professor of Classics Drew Wilburn was quoted in an article in Atlas Obscura about the recent discovery of ritual objects and amulets at the site of Pompeii.

Christie Parris Publishes Article

August 15, 2019

Assistant Professor of Sociology Christie Parris and co-authors published in the Washington Post regarding their forthcoming academic article investigating hate crimes.

Paul Thibodeau Gives Televised Talk

August 12, 2019

Associate Professor of Psychology Paul Thibodeau gave a talk at the United States Institute of Peace on the language of violent extremism on August 6, 2019. It was nationally televised by C-SPAN.

Kara Yoo Leaman Presents at Conference

August 11, 2019

Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Aural Skills Kara Yoo Leaman presented a paper at the Dance Studies Association annual conference in Evanston, IL.

Benjamin Linowitz Receives Grant

August 6, 2019

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Benjamin Linowitz was awarded a three-year, $176,562 grant (award number 1905437) from the National Science Foundation to support his project titled "RUI: The Geometry of Arithmetic Locally Symmetric Spaces." This research focuses on the spectral geometry of arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds and lies at the intersection of number theory and differential geometry. The grant will provide funds to support undergraduate participation in this research and to organize a workshop on innovative teaching practices in geometry and topology.

Danielle Terrazas Williams Presents at Conference

August 6, 2019

Assistant Professor of History Danielle Terrazas Williams presents paper, "'I Do Not Owe Anything to Anyone': Seventeenth-Century Black Women Entrepreneurs on Mexico’s Royal Road" at the World History Association's 28th Annual Conference.