Faculty and Staff Notes

Jennifer Blaylock Publishes Article in Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

January 19, 2022

Jennifer Blaylock, visiting assistant professor in cinema studies, contributed an article about her globally oriented media archaeology course, When Old Media Were New, to the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies Winter Teaching Media Dossier "Teaching 'the Global' in Media Studies," edited by Juan Llamas-Rodriguez.

Allegra Hyde Discusses Forthcoming Novel with Gwen Filosa

January 12, 2022

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Allegra Hyde appeared on "It’s Too Early with Gwen Filosa," a podcast recorded live weekdays in Key West, to talk about her forthcoming novel, ELEUTHERIA (Vintage).

ELEUTHERIA has been named a most anticipated title of 2022 by LGBT Reads, Autostraddle, and other venues.


Peter Slowik and Louise Zeitlin Featured in Journal of the American Viola Society

January 4, 2022

The Journal of the American Viola Society (AVS) celebrates "Fifty Extraordinary Leaders in Fifty Years" with an article that features Oberlin Professor of Viola Peter Slowik, former AVS President and host of International Viola Congress and Associate Professor of Community Engagement and former secretary of AVS Louise Zeitlin.

Regional Science and Urban Economics Publishes Ron Cheung

January 4, 2022

Professor of Economics Ron Cheung published the article, "Homeowner Associations and City Cohesion," in Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowship Awarded to Leonard Smith

January 3, 2022

Frederick B. Artz Professor of History Leonard V. Smith has been awarded a three-month, Fernand Braudel Senior Fellowship at the European University Institute. The institute is located in a villa just outside Florence, Italy. He will begin work on a project comparing law, liberalism, and racial exclusion in 19th century Texas and French Algeria.


John Duca Presents Papers

December 30, 2021

Danforth-Lewis Professor of Economics John Duca remotely presented "What Drives House Prices: Lessons from the Literature," to the Federal Housing Finance Agency on December 1. Duca also remotely presented the paper, "How New Fed Corporate Bond Programs Cushioned the Covid-19 Recession," at the World Banking and Finance Symposium on December 17.

Alicia Smith-Tran Coauthors Article

December 20, 2021

Assistant Professor of Sociology Alicia Smith-Tran coauthored an article about worker misclassification with two researchers at Case Western Reserve University. The article was published in Critical Sociology.

Jim Walsh Coauthors Paper

December 20, 2021

Professor of Mathematics Jim Walsh coauthored the paper, "Synchronous Glacial Cycles in a Nonsmooth Conceptual Climate Model with Asymmetric Hemispheres," which appeared in SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems. The article presents and analyzes a new conceptual model of the Earth's glacial-interglacial cycles in which the dynamics of distinct Northern and Southern Hemisphere ice caps are coupled through an equation representing the annual global mean surface temperature.