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Education Studies

Program Type:
  • Concentration

Oberlin College does not have an education department, yet we offer undergraduates various opportunities to explore this field of study. We help students understand and engage in education as a part of the overall liberal arts experience; participate in courses, programs, and community service that connect to local schools; and consider their interest in careers in education.

Program Director

Jody Kerchner

Professor of Music Education

Sample Courses

  • EDUA 301 - Language Pedagogy 4 credits
  • PSYC 216 - Developmental Psychology 4 credits
  • EDUA 320 - Children and Society: Is There Still a Childhood? 4 credits
  • POLT 409 - Public Education, Policy and Law 4 credits

Education Studies News

SITES Set on Education

June 12, 2015
The Spanish in the Elementary Schools program celebrates its 10-year anniversary of college students teaching elementary school students to speak Spanish.