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Education Studies

Program Type:
  • Concentration

Oberlin College does not have an education department, yet we offer undergraduates various opportunities to explore this field of study. We help students understand and engage in education as a part of the overall liberal arts experience; participate in courses, programs, and community service that connect to local schools; and consider their interest in careers in education.

Program Director

Jody Kerchner

Professor of Music Education

Sample Courses

  • EDUA 301 - Language Pedagogy 4 credits
  • PSYC 216 - Developmental Psychology 4 credits
  • EDUA 320 - Children and Society: Is There Still a Childhood? 4 credits
  • POLT 409 - Public Education, Policy and Law 4 credits

Education Studies News

3 school-age girls hold a sign that reads SITES Spanish in the Elementary Schools

SITES Set on Education

June 12, 2015
The Spanish in the Elementary Schools program celebrates its 10-year anniversary of college students teaching elementary school students to speak Spanish.

From Capstone to Curtain

May 21, 2015
From the classroom to the stage, Oberlin senior Annie Rasiel has built a middle school Shakespeare program that promotes literacy through theater performance.