students holding art work in front of museum
Need to spruce up your residence hall room? Follow their lead: Rent a work of art for $5 through Art Rental at the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Photo credit: William Bradford

Oberlin is a dynamic and interactive place. It may be difficult at times to keep up with academic breaks, tutoring and career exploration sessions, athletic events, concerts in the Cat, not to mention deadlines for advising and course selection. Here are a few quick links to help you stay on top of your game.


Ohio Student Sustainability Leaders Conference

Concerned about the environment and sustainability issues? Attend the Ohio Student Sustainability Leaders Conference at Oberlin on September 29. It's free!

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Campus Offices

These are a few of the administrative offices that provide a range of student services—from health and safety and counseling, to student activities and academic support.

Get Involved

Don’t sit on the sidelines. In addition to your academic studies, Oberlin has many ways for you to engage with your peers and the community at large.

Campus Connections

Discover the next gen way to access campus services: OberView. Use the new online platform to access important campus services and applications with a single sign-on. Just use our Obie ID and password to connect online to all things Oberlin.