guy at piano, woman on stage singing in empty coffeehouse.
Virtual Jazz: Authur Welsh ’21 (on piano) and Georgia Heers ’21 (vocals) recently gave the first-ever livestreamed jazz performance in the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse. Photo credit: Mike Crupi

Oberlin is a dynamic and interactive place. It may be difficult at times to keep up with academic breaks, tutoring and career exploration sessions, athletic events, concerts in the Cat, not to mention deadlines for advising and course selection. Here are a few quick links to help you stay on top of your game.

Campus Bulletins

ObieSafe Travel Tips

September 25, 2020 11:15 AM
Katie Gravens, COVID-19 Campus Health Coordinator


ObieSafe is our effort to adopt and follow a set of community standards that will help keep us safe during the coronavirus pandemic. ObieSafe provides information and resources to guide each of us through our interactions with one another.

Campus Events

Recent News

Oberlin College Reaffirms its Commitment to Accessibility with New Scholarship

September 25, 2020
To help families address the increasing cost of higher education, Oberlin College will award a $10,000 Oberlin Commitment Scholarship to all new students who apply and enroll in fall 2021. The scholarship will be renewable for up to four years for students pursuing degrees in either the College of Arts and Sciences or the Conservatory of Music, and up to five years for students who are pursuing a double degree.

Winter Term: Creating Music Miles Apart

September 23, 2020
Seniors Arthur Welsh and Mark Ligonde had an ambitious goal for Winter Term. The pair planned to release a seven-song album with six different genres and subgenres of music, while residing miles apart. The project would challenge their compositional and production skills, but the end result was even more complex and creative than they imagined.

Campus Offices

These are a few of the administrative offices that provide a range of student services—from health and safety and counseling, to student activities and academic support.

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Get Involved

Don’t sit on the sidelines. In addition to your academic studies, Oberlin has many ways for you to engage with your peers and the community at large.

Academic Services

Tutoring, Advising, and More

Academic services for Oberlin students take shape in many forms. Need a tutor? Want help writing a paper or scheduling an audition? Check our array of services designed to help you achieve academic and personal success.

Find Your Calm

The Multicultural Resource Center and the Student Health and Counseling Center have teamed up to provide a wealth of online resources to help you find your calm during these rapidly changing and uncertain times.