Success in this rapidly changing field requires a thorough knowledge of principles, not just familiarity with programming languages and processors. Our computer science program is built around a complete study of the foundation of computer science with many opportunities for students to use their developing skills in research, analysis , design, imaging, gaming, network applications, and more.


Our faculty are both scholars and teachers who devote their careers to making important contributions to their disciplines through research and application. They are committed to undergraduate education and teach everything from first-year seminars to advanced courses. Faculty interests include information security, algorithmic game theory, graph theory, and more.

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Department Overview

Photo of 2017-18 Computer Science FacultyComputer science is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field with roots in mathematics, engineering, logic, and philosophy. It focuses on the discovery and development of problem-solving techniques, and their application in both theoretical and practical situations. Computer scientists advance the state of the art by creating more efficient, effective solutions to problems.

Computer science is constantly creating new opportunities and challenges in a variety of fields. Advances in computing enable breakthroughs in genetics, protein modeling, medicine, weather simulations, and most scientific fields. Because of the Internet, people separated by oceans can communicate and collaborate at work and through social networks. Video game and movie graphics are increasingly realistic. Children learn various skills using fun, educational software. Policies and laws continue to be rewritten to account for our increasing use of and reliance on computers and networks.

Computer science is at the center of this technological revolution, making it one of the most exciting disciplines to study. With computer science, you can have an impact on real world problems and have great potential to help address human needs and improve quality of life. It is a rich and dynamic discipline that seeks to understand and effectively use the great potential of computers.

Our computer science graduates are well prepared for both graduate programs and challenging careers in this popular field of study. Oberlin remains one of the top baccalaureate origin for PhDs awarded in computer science and mathematics.

Recent Oberlin graduates have entered graduate programs in computer science at MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, and other leading centers for research. Others have taken jobs with such companies as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, Sony Imageworks, and VMWare. Still work for small firms or have started their own companies.

Our students are creative, have sound technical knowledge, a broad background on the world, are able to work in groups, and communicate well. These qualities are highly prized by both graduate schools and top software companies.

Computer Science News

A portrait of Jackie Fortino wearing a sweater.

Who Am I?

January 5, 2021
Can you guess what Jackie Fortino’s favorite thing is about Oberlin? Find out in this installment of Who Am I?
A portrait of a student wearing a mask.

Winter Term: The Auto Drink Dispenser

September 8, 2020
Creating an auto drink dispenser is something Thomas Heffer ’21 had toyed with for quite some time. However, his busy schedule wouldn’t allow him to actively pursue it.

Computer Science Facilities

King Building

King Building

King Memorial Building is the main classroom building for social sciences, humanities, math, and computer science classes.