About Oberlin

View of Peters Hall from a distance.
Peters Hall is one of the stately academic buildings that faces Wilder Bowl.
Photo credit: John Seyfried

Oberlin is a place of intense energy and creativity, built on a foundation of academic, artistic, and musical excellence. With a top-ranking liberal arts college, a world-class conservatory, and a first-rate art museum all on a single campus, it is the ideal laboratory in which to study and design the world you want.

Oberlin College, 1833
Oberlin College marker establishing its founding in 1833 by Presbyterian ministers.
Photo credit: Walter Novak

Our Mission and History

From its founding in 1833, Oberlin College has been a school with a mission, or rather, many missions. Beginning with abolition and coeducation, and most recently addressing the challenges of climate change, Oberlin has always been—to quote historian Geoffrey Blodgett ’53—a “peculiar mix of scholarly ambition and stubborn moral idealism.”

Entrance to Cox Administration Building
Cox Administration Building, home to the Office of the President and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
Photo credit: Pang Fei Chiang

Leadership and Administration

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college, ensuring that we achieve major goals and uphold our mission. The president provides day-to-day leadership and general supervision over the functions of Oberlin, reporting to the board and serving as member ex officio. Senior staff oversee academic and administrative functions of the college and advise and support the work of the president.

Academic Resources and Support

Beginning with your first year, you’ll work closely with an advisor to build a meaningful academic experience. Throughout your time at Oberlin, you’re supported with resources to help meet your educational needs, including mentoring, tutoring, and peer workshops.

students at a table talking to each other

Health, Wellness, and Safety

A safe and supportive community promotes learning and personal growth. We offer confidential individual assistance as well as campus programs addressing substance use, health and safety, stress management, and more.

A World of Learning

Access to our libraries and special collections, study abroad opportunities and more, you will expand your world view and enrich your overall academic experience.

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