Program Overview

Statistical Modeling

Program Type: Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Statistics is the science of analyzing data, with these analyses often being based on models that are used to answer questions or reveal underlying relationships. Statistical modeling is applied across many disciplines to model human behavior and natural phenomena and to aid in decision making in the face of uncertainty. The Statistical Modeling Concentration has three tiers—introductory coursework, core intermediate courses, and advanced coursework—and requires that the student be exposed to multiple perspectives on the use of statistical reasoning.

Why Study Statistical Modeling at Oberlin?

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Related Courses

Sample Courses

  • STAT 114 - Introduction to Biostatistics 4 credits
  • ECON 255 - Introduction to Econometrics 4 credits
  • CSCI 374 - Machine Learning and Data Mining 4 credits
  • BIOL 322 - Genetics of Populations 4 credits