Program Overview

Historical Performance

Coursework in historical performance requires students to not only study and perfect their chosen instrument, but also understand the cultural and musical history behind the pieces they perform. You can purse study in 13 instruments: baroque cello/viola de gamba, and baroque cello, flute and violin; early and historical oboe; fortepiano, harpsichord, historical instruments and keyboards, organ, recorder, and viola da gamba.

Performance of strings and harpsichord
Oberlin Baroque Orchestra in concert.
Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko

Program Facts


Mark Edwards,
Associate Professor of Harpsichord


Oberlin Orchestra in Finney Chapel
Oberlin Orchestra performance in Finney Chapel.
Photo credit: John Seyfried

Performance Ensembles

Oberlin sponsors approximately 500 concerts on campus each year, including recitals and concerts by the more than 25 student ensembles, and performances and master classes by guest artists. From jazz to contemporary guitar, classical to popular, computer-generated to acoustic, and from time-tested compositions to newer works, the college and conservatory present performances to satisfy any musical interest.

Performance Ensembles

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