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New Hire Campus Welcome

Welcome to Oberlin College & Conservatory!

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We‘re pleased to welcome you as a new member of the Oberlin College campus community! You should receive a more thorough orientation from your department, but with the influx of new information, you may miss something. This page is designed to help guide you as you get acclimated to your position and our community!

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Mission and Values

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Oberlin College, an independent coeducational institution, holds a distinguished place among American colleges and universities. Oberlin was the first college to grant undergraduate degrees to women in a coeducational program and, historically, was a leader in the education of African Americans. The Oberlin community is known for its academic and musical excellence and its commitment to social engagement and diversity.

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New Hire Checklist

The Department of Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources should be your first point of contact as a new hire. Prior to coming “onboard,” you should have received a Welcome email from Human Resources providing you with pre-employment and “onboarding” information. They will initiate the set up of your ObieID and your Oberlin College email account prior to your start date, and also notify the ID Card office of your arrival. You will need to check in with Human Resources prior to or on your first day of work, located in the Service Building at 173 W. Lorain St., Room 205, Oberlin, OH.


Your department chair or building representative must authorize your access to room and building keys. Once the proper forms are completed, keys can be picked up in the Facilities Operations office located in the Service Building. See your department representative/administrative assistant for more information.

ID Card

An ID Card will be available once you complete the necessary paperwork from The Department of Human Resources. First, you will receive an invitation email from the ID Card Office detailing step-by-step how to obtain your ID Card. Oberlin College has gone mobile for its card access. Second, you can use your ID card to access campus buildings (with supervisor approval), and athletic facilities, and to check out software and library materials, among other uses. Third, spouses/partners and children (under the age of 21) of employees may apply for ID cards as well for access to the wellness center and gym. Go to Oberview and search for ID Card Request. Once your request has been submitted, Human Resources will review the request and email you their decision with instructions on how to get the ID Card.


Free parking is available to all employees with a valid parking pass. Passes are issued for various lot types (F, G, etc.) based on your employment status. You must visit Campus Safety located in Suite C, Dascomb Hall, 140 W College St. to register your vehicle and obtain the appropriate parking pass. You can also register online.

Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking regulations can also be found on Campus Safety’s​ ​website​.

Technology, Accounts, Logins

The Center for Information Technology (CIT) takes care of your computer needs. They establish your computer accounts (email, network access, web, Banner, Blackboard etc.) and provide computer support. The computer​ ​Help Desk​ is a good place to start (Mudd Center Commons) if you have questions.

All​ ​facilities​ of CIT are for the use of Oberlin College staff, faculty, and students. Spouses/partners of members of these groups may apply for email accounts and may, if qualifying needs warrant, apply to the Director of Information technology for use of CIT facilities on campus. Account request forms can be found​ ​online​ and at the Help Desk, Mudd 005.

Blackboard​ is the college’s course management software. Our ​Blackboard​ suite also allows for other uses including instructional support for faculty, a syllabus builder, discussions boards for campus groups, departments and offices, virtual classroom/ collaboration tools, assessments and surveys, among other online tools. For connecting with the Administration & Professional Staff council or to find governing documents, announcements, and more visit the ​Blackboard page.

Website Photo

All college and conservatory faculty, including visiting professors, teachers, lecturers, and staff must schedule to have their portraits taken within 2 weeks of arriving on campus. Photo sessions take up to 30 minutes.

Portraits are posted to your Oberlin College faculty/staff webpage and may be used in college-related materials.

To schedule your portrait, contact:
Jacob Strauss, Video Producer and Photo Coordinator

Reserving Spaces

There are a variety of ways to reserve spaces across campus. The contacts below are the main ways you can reserve spaces throughout campus.

Spaces for classes or other events are reserved by calling one of the following numbers:

  • Registrar's Office (academic classrooms): x58450
  • Wilder Hall (many different rooms of various sizes): x58102
  • Computer Labs (Mudd 212 and Biggs Lab): x58219
  • Conference Services: x58730
  • Concert Productions Office (Conservatory space, including Kulas Recital Hall and Warner Concert Hall): x58610
  • Art Building: x58666

Useful Resources

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Campus Directory

Oberlin College’s online campus directory gives you the ability to search for staff by name, department, or job title. This is a helpful resource to help you connect to faculty and staff.

Browse our online directory


Oberlin College offices represent the administrative and academic functions of the college, ranging from human resources and academic advising to student records and residential education. These offices support the functions of the college and conservatory to ensure all campus members receive appropriate information and support.

Learn more about our offices


Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

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Transportation, Maps, Shuttle Service

Oberlin College is committed to helping its students, faculty, staff, and visitors make the most environmentally responsible choices in their travel. Although students are allowed to have cars on campus, we encourage students to look critically at their need and use, and consider such options as shuttle services and carsharing or carpooling with friends rather than bringing a car to campus.

See our maps and transportation options

  • Campus Map

  • Campus Tour
    The admissions office provides tours of the campus, led by student admissions ambassadors. Tours and information sessions are typically offered each weekday and on most Saturdays during the academic year. Please refer to the​ ​Admissions In-Person Campus Visits page​ for availability and to register for a tour.
    Take a virtual tour

  • App-based Walking Tours of Oberlin
    The Oberlin Coalition for Oberlin History created a free app to illuminate Oberlin’s rich history. Each of the Oberlin tours can be accessed on the ​izi.Travel website or by downloading the izi.Travel app from your smartphone’s marketplace. Tours include: Oberlin schools, Westwood Cemetery, Groveland Street’s African American community, and Oberlin College.

Oberlin Slang

Throughout Oberlin’s history, its students have maintained the habit of giving nicknames to buildings, events, and ideas. The list linked below is an updated version of this publication. While far from comprehensive, it provides an introduction to the ways in which students today refer to all things Oberlin.

Learn our lingo and acronyms

Student Publications

Oberlin students have many ways to share their ideas, opinions, creative and feature writing, and design and illustration skills through student-produced print and online publications.

See our student publications

Other Resources

In and Around Oberlin

Downtown Oberlin
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Oberlin College is an integral part of Oberlin, Ohio, a community of about 8,600 residents located 35 miles southwest of Cleveland. It was named one of​ ​Ohio’s Best Hometowns ​ by ​Ohio Magazine​ because of its historical architecture, quaint shopping and galleries, and entertainment.

This quintessential college town is home to coffeehouses, thrift shops, bookstores, galleries, food markets, a public library, a movie theater, and a yoga studio—all within walking distance. Local restaurants offer a wide variety of cultural cuisines that cater to many dietary needs.

Read more about what Oberlin and the surrounding areas have to offer

Other Resources

How to Connect

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A&PS Socials and Events

  • A&PS hosts various social events both on and off campus for A&PS employees to take a break and get to know each other.
  • There are various ways you may hear about A&PS social events including the Campus Digest email from the Office of Communications and Blackboard.

A&PS Blackboard

■ For connecting with the Administration & Professional Staff council or to find governing documents, announcements, and more, visit the Blackboard​ page.