Department of Human Resources

Total Compensation Study

Oberlin College & Conservatory is embarking on an essential study that will inform this institution’s compensation strategies for years to come. This work will involve approximately 700 employees, including roughly 350 salaried staff and 350 faculty. This includes salaried administrators and professional staff, confidential employees, and faculty within both Arts & Sciences and the Conservatory.

Goals of the Study

This study will help determine Oberlin’s competitiveness in its market, and ensure compensation that is internally equitable, transparent, and understandable to all employees. Our goal is to develop an approach to compensation that will be financially sustainable for the institution long term, and to develop processes that are reasonable to implement and maintain. Our compensation should reflect the mission, values, culture, and strategic objectives of Oberlin and be aligned with the goals of One Oberlin.  

Compensation Study Working Group

We have also appointed a Compensation Study Working Group that will support this study and its development of a compensation structure that is market competitive, internally equitable, transparent and understandable; aligned with Oberlin’s mission, values, culture, and strategic objectives; and is financially sustainable. The committee consists of a diverse group of 11 members representing the faculty, staff, and administration. This group’s work will be an important piece of the College’s strategy to develop a strong compensation program that includes competitive salaries.

The Compensation Study Working Group will act as information liaison for project coordination and execution in close collaboration with Segal, a benefits and human resources consulting firm. Their collective work will clarify current practices, identify issues, and provide feedback and guidance on key decisions.

The committee members include:


  • Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Faculty Leadership

  • Corey Barnes, Associate Professor of Religion (Chair, Compensation Committee)
  • Ron Cheung, Professor of Economics (Member of Compensation Committee)
  • Erik Inglis, Professor (Member of College Faculty Council)
  • Joe Lubben, Associate Professor of Music Theory (Member of Compensation Committee)
  • Alexa Still, Associate Professor of Flute (Member of Conservatory Faculty Council)

Administration & Professional Staff Council Leadership

  • Lori Ebihara, Manager Academic Operations (Member of A&PS Council)
  • Thom Julian, Associate Dean of Students (Member of A&PS Council)
  • David Kamitsuka, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Bill Quillen, Dean of the Conservatory
  • Greta Williams, Manager of Academic Operations (Member of Compensation Committee) 


Please visit this site for updates, presentation materials, and other notable information about the progress of the study. For any questions related to the study, please email: