2020 W-2s are now available in OberView.

When accessing OberView, before selecting the W2 information, you must ensure you have agreed to the W2 Electronic Consent.

To access your W-2, please go to your OberView account, sign in and search for “W2 Year-End Wage and Tax Statement”.

  • On the "W2 Year End Earnings Statement" page, select tax year 2020 from the pull-down list and then select "Display".  
  • Click on "Printable W-2" on the bottom left and your IRS approved W-2 will be displayed. You may print as many copies as needed

Accessing W-2 forms by OberView will also apply to former Students, Faculty and Staff. The Obie ID for the former Students, Faculty and Staff continues to remain available and active for retrieval. 

  • If a former Student, Faculty or Staff member has forgotten their Obie ID they should contact the Department of Human Resources.
  • If the former Student, Faculty or Staff member has forgotten their password, they should try the “Forgot My Password” link or contact the CIT help desk.  


TimeClock Plus

Learn more about the new time management and documentation system known as TimeClock Plus. This is the college’s new time keeping tool for student and staff employees. 


TimeClock Plus System Links

The following materials will be updated frequently. If you have questions that have not yet been addressed in these materials, please forward them to


Training Materials For Student Employees


Tutorials for Managers of Student Employees

Webinar Recording


Tutorials for Monthly Employees Using TimeClock Plus