Campus Safety

exterior view of campus safety building with big sign above the doorway.
Campus Safety has a new home on the college's main student grassy thoroughfare, Wilder Bowl.
Photo credit: Yvonne Gay

Campus Safety supports a safe environment in which all members of the college community can learn, live, teach, and work. Open 24 hours a day, the staff responds to potential criminal incidents, suspicious activity, requests for assistance, and emergency situations. We also alert appropriate representatives of the college when they are needed after regular business hours.

Campus Safety officers regularly patrol campus buildings, residence halls, and grounds by foot, vehicle, and bicycle. Though not sworn police officers, they work closely with the Oberlin police and fire departments to carry out their responsibilities in a diligent and courteous manner.

Oberlin College Campus Safety strives to provide a safe and secure environment with a staff who works closely with the college community, and city police, fire, and ambulance offices in providing safety services. This site contains useful and important information about campus security services, policies, and employment opportunities.

Our webpage will provide information as needed as we make a good faith effort to increase community access to our department and services, and provide additional information relating to recent federal legislation. We will update our parking information, especially as it relates to alterations necessitated by ongoing construction projects on campus, and provide information on fire safety, emergency planning, and evacuations.

Oberlin College places a high priority on safety. Although many procedures and much equipment is in place to ensure your safety, the ultimate responsibility for your well being rests with you. It is important to develop habits and instincts that minimize risk for yourself and others while being supported by safety and security programs and services. This department exists to support a stable education and work environment in which security concerns are balanced with freedom of an open environment.

We welcome you to get in touch us with any questions or concerns either by appointment, e-mail, or telephone, 24 hours, 440-775-8444.

Mike Martinsen
Director of Campus Safety

“The Mission of the Oberlin College Campus Safety Office is to serve our students and campus community with respect, fairness, and compassion.  We are committed to the protection of life and property, and the preservation of peace and diversity of all individuals. We are dedicated to enhancing safety and quality of life for our entire campus community.”

Departmental Values we insist upon are:

Professionalism – We will always be aware of our image and role within the institution.

Integrity – We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of truth.

Empathy – We will always listen to the needs and the concerns of our students.

Services – We will respond with a service-driven mindset to all calls for service.

Respect – We embrace diversity and will treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Loyalty – We will all embrace our role as Ambassadors for Oberlin College.

Duty – The welfare and safety of our students and community members is our top priority.             

All of us at Campus Safety                 


Students who are not be attending classes, employed by the College for the summer, or not residing on campus may not leave or store their vehicles in any campus lot during the summer session, May 24, 2021, through September 2921.  

Faculty or staff members who are not actively working on campus may also not store or leave their vehicles in campus lots for extended periods during the summer session.  

Vehicles left on campus by students not attending classes or who are not summer student employees, as well as faculty or staff not actively working on campus after June 1, 2021, may be towed and stored at the owners’ expense.

Students on campus and have vehicles must have their vehicles registered with a maroon 2020-2021 permit and park in designated student spaces only.

Faculty and staff members who are actively working on campus this summer must have a light purple permit and park in designated staff spaces.

Visitors and contractors must also have the appropriate permit and park in designated spaces.   

As always, we ask that you park in marked spaces and not in any reserved spots. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Campus Safety at 440-775-8444.