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COVID-19 Vaccination Card Upload Process

Faculty and staff who are 2 weeks post-vaccination (after two doses of Moderna/Pfizer: or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson) should upload their vaccine card as soon as possible to the "Upload COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card" portal in OberView. This documentation will establish the percent of campus herd immunity, which indicates that a large part of the campus is protected. The information facilitates decision-making regarding return to “normal” activities.

  1. Take a picture of your COVID-19 vaccination card and save it to your computer or Android device (Note: You cannot use an iPhone or iPad to submit your card).
  2. Navigate to OberView in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer from a computer or Android device and click on the Upload COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card portal.
  3. Read the instructions, fill out the form, attach the image of your card, and click Submit.
  4. Once reviewed by Human Resources, you will receive a notification that your card has been accepted or rejected. Rejection reasons may include attaching the incorrect image, the image being unreadable, or entering vaccination information on the form that is different than what is on the card.

Please Note:

The proliferation of fake vaccine cards is a growing concern as more places require proof of vaccination to attend work, college or other events. As noted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, those who forge a vaccine card put others at risk of contracting COVID-19.  In addition, unauthorized use of the CDC's logo, which is an official government agency, is a crime, and may be punishable under Title 18 United States Code, Section 1017, and other applicable laws. Submission of a falsified vaccination card could jeopardize employment or academic standing as well.  Obies have proven that they are committed to the health and safety of others which gives us confidence in our excellent vaccination rates.

Individuals who have not yet uploaded a COVID-19 vaccination card, please take a moment to complete the following form to inform the college of your intentions regarding the vaccine

The ObieSafe Vaccine Updates web page includes information on the vaccination card upload process under the FAQ "Process for submission of COVID-19 vaccine documentation”. The COVID-19 vaccine card upload process can also be found on the Department of Human Resources website.

Faculty and staff can drop off a copy of their vaccination card to Human Resources if they prefer.

Resources for Employees

During these challenging and unprecedented times, Oberlin's Employee Assistance Program can be of help in navigating the stress you may be experiencing around finances, child and elder care, wellness and many other concerns. We have engaged Cleveland Clinic's LifeStyle Employee Assistance Program to help in these matters. There is no cost to you.

We understand the challenges around childcare and educational issues are fast becoming a national crisis for working parents and employers alike. Many parents, caregivers, and guardians face mounting and difficult choices regarding childcare and school this fall. For many there are basic questions about access to resources, family safety, and even the need to choose childcare over work. To help, Lifestyle offers the tip sheets below. Additionally, Lifestyle EAP provides consultation and resources to help users make decisions and access childcare and alternative educational resources. To reach out to access services, call 800-989-3277.

The resources below are available to employees to help with your questions about the coronavirus (COVID-19):

Useful Links:

Need dining options? This list may be helpful:

Concerned about your retirement investments during this time? This link may be if interest to you.

The CARES ACT, recently signed into law, includes provisions relating to loans and distributions from qualified retirement accounts.

Please see the communication below around these two plan modifications and the action process should this apply to you.