Campus Safety

Parking Policies & Registration

Welcome to Oberlin College. We ask your cooperation as we provide parking for the campus community.

Oberlin College, as an academic and residential community, is strictly a walking and biking campus. Residence halls and College Village Housing apartments are within a 10-minute walk and a few blocks from the central campus and academic buildings. We ask you to support our management of available parking spaces by registering your vehicle, properly displaying the parking permit sticker, and parking within marked spaces in areas designated only for the permit issued. Not being able to park close to a desired location does not excuse a violation of published parking regulations.

Parking regulations are a response to agreements by the city and college in support of managing parking, acknowledgment of the college commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing emissions that adversely affect the environment, and best managing the locations of existing college lots. By necessity, there will be zero tolerance of violations of parking regulations. Fines for parking violations raise progressively upon each additional violation, and vehicles found in violation of parking regulations a third time will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Please familiarize yourself with our parking regulations. If you have questions or concerns, or have received a parking citation without understanding the reason, please address your question promptly with our department before you receive an additional citation (and progressive fines or cost of towing/storage) and before your status reaches the point of revocation of parking privileges. If you are a dependent student, share this information with parents if they manage and make payment on your student account. If you are a faculty or staff member, please understand that parking regulation enforcement is equally applied to students, faculty, and staff.

Recognizing the role of vehicle use as part of Oberlin’s dedication to supporting environmental sustainability, we encourage all members of our community to assess their need for a vehicle on campus and to participate in alternative transportation methods. These methods include using bicycles and the services of the Oberlin Bike Co-op; ride-sharing; CarShare and other alternatives suggested on the Oberlin College Environmental Policy, which may be found at the Office of Environmental Sustainability’s Governance and Policy page.


Anthony Traska, Director

Parking Information

Campus Parking Permit Map

Parking Registration and Forms

Parking Registration form are now found on OberView as Campus Safety no longer accepts paper registration forms. To access the registration forms, please go to OberView (link below) and then choose the appropriate button, either Parking Registration for Students or Parking Registration for Faculty and Staff. You do not have to log into OberView to access these buttons and submit the online form.

To appeal a Campus Parking Ticket, please fill in the form, print and bring completed forms to the Campus Safety Office.

Residential Street Parking Ban (Snow Ban)

The city of Oberlin prohibits parking on any city street November 1 through April 1 between 2-6 a.m. each day. The fines increase with each violation ranging from $20 (1st violation), to $50 (2nd violation), to $75 and the vehicle towed (3rd and above violations).