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Tuition Scholarship Plan for Children of Oberlin College Employees

The Tuition Scholarship Plan was established at Oberlin College by action of the Board of Trustees in November, 1957. Provisions of the Tuition Scholarship Plan are subject to approval and modification by the board. The program makes available scholarship funds to children of employees. The board hopes to continue the program, but cannot foresee all possible eventualities, and makes no future commitment. The program could be amended at any time.

Eligibility of Employee

Eligibility is based on the employee’s eligibility for all other employee benefits. Each employee class may be different as to benefit and eligibility. All employee classes are listed later in this document.

Eligibility of Child

The child will be eligible under this program provided:

  • The child is not over age 25. This provision is interpreted to mean that the student will not have reached their 26th birthday as of the first day of classes of the semester or quarter for which the scholarship is requested.
  • The child is not married.
  • The child must be studying for their first undergraduate degree and does not already hold a first degree.
  • The child is a dependent child (natural or legally adopted). Stepchildren, foster children, and other dependents who are not legally adopted by the employee are ineligible.
  • The child must be a “dependent” child. The employee must have claimed the child as a dependent on their most recent federal income tax return.
  • The child must have been born before the date their parent’s retirement from Oberlin College.
  • If child’s parent (Oberlin College employee) dies after completion of five years of full-time service, the child would remain eligible if:
    • The child is dependent on the surviving spouse of the deceased employee, and
    • The surviving spouse has not remarried.
    • If child becomes an orphan because of the deaths of both parents, the child is eligible provided he/she has not been legally adopted into another immediate family and is not over age 25.
  • The child must be enrolled at an institution that is approved by one of the two regional accrediting agencies, ACICS or ACCSCT.

The child is eligible to receive the tuition benefit for eight (8) full-time undergraduate semesters or equivalent full-time undergraduate quarters. Payment is limited to tuition; other mandatory fees are not covered. A child with two parents working for Oberlin College shall have only one parent’s benefit provided. The scholarship may not be combined. The parent with the better benefit may apply for the benefit. In the case of children of part-time employees, the benefit shall be prorated, by applying the fraction amount of the appointment to the benefit, except that no benefits will be available for employees whose appointment is less than half-time. All funds will be paid directly to the institution attended by the child; the College will not make payment directly to the employee or child. The College will never pay more than what is owed under any circumstances. Should an over payment occur, the College will require the employee to repay the College any amount(s) over the allowed amount of tuition.

Medical Withdrawal
  • Oberlin College – Child would be eligible to receive a repeat of the tuition benefit for that semester to be used only at Oberlin College. If the child attends another school after the medical withdrawal and does not return to Oberlin College the semester withdrawn will be counted as used. This will apply one time only.
  • GLCA – If child withdrawals prior to the attending schools “drop date”, the child would be eligible to receive a repeat of tuition for that semester if the total amount of payment by Oberlin College is returned by the GLCA program. If the total amount is not received, the semester would be counted as “used” by the child.
  • Other schools – Withdrawals prior to the attending schools “drop date”, the child would be eligible to receive a repeat of tuition for that semester if the attending school refunds the entire amount paid by Oberlin College.

Withdrawals for any reason other than medical the semester will be counted as used.

Tuition Exchange Program

Oberlin College is a member of the Great Lakes Colleges Association, Inc. (GLCA) which operates a tuition exchange program with member schools. A student eligible for tuition exchange because of parental employment at one of the participating schools may receive tuition at one of the other schools in exchange. The exchange is for regular academic year tuition only. 

The thirteen member colleges of the GLCA, along with Beloit College, Grinnell College, Lake Forest College, Washington and Lee University, Willamette University, and Wittenberg University are participating members for a total of 17 institutions.

Please see the GLCA Tuition Remission Exchange Program Guidelines for more information. Click here for a copy of the GLCA Tre Application. Click here for a copy of the Student Status Change Form.

Oberlin College Tuition

Children who are admitted to Oberlin College shall be entitled to free tuition at Oberlin College. The benefit is limited to tuition. Other mandatory fees are not covered and are to be paid by the employee/student.


Participation Fees paid to the attending GLCA School are to be paid by the employee/student. Employees are responsible for the Participation Fee, which is established annually by the Great Lakes Colleges Association.

Oberlin College Away Program / Study Abroad

Tuition paid for away programs and/or study abroad programs are limited to two (2) semesters in total. Tuition must be paid to a US school and apply to a degree program at a US school. The vesting period must be satisfied before the child may use the tuition benefits towards Away Programs/Study Abroad programs.

Outside Scholarships

Any outside scholarships that are directed as tuition only will reduce the amount of tuition paid by Oberlin College. Any outside scholarships that are directed as used for “anything” (room, board, and/or books) will not reduce the amount of tuition paid. The items must be listed on the bill to avoid reducing the tuition amount from the College. If room, board and/or books are not listed on the bill the expenses will not be used when the College calculates its payment. Pell grants and SEOG grants will not reduce the amount of tuition paid. The College will never pay more than what is owed on the tuition bill/statement. Any loans will not be taken into consideration for tuition payments as these moneys must be repaid to the lender(s).

General Provisions

The College will provide scholarship if;

  • study is undertaken in an institution of higher education in the United States accredited by the appropriate regional association, except payment will be made for study outside the United States (only two (2) semesters) provided credit earned from such study applies toward a degree at an institution of higher education in the United States
  • study is undertaken for credit toward the first (bachelor’s) degree;
  • the eligible child does not already hold a first undergraduate degree;
  • the study is undertaken in residence at the institution granting credit (as the term “residence” is understood by that institution).

The College’s obligation is limited to providing scholarships for tuition (excluding fees) for four academic years or their equivalent. Tuition payments arranged for by Oberlin College through the tuition Exchange Plan (GLCA) shall count as charges against a child’s total eligibility.

An eligible child, who studies part-time, either during the regular academic year or during the summer, will use a portion of the total eligibility corresponding to the ration of the cost of part-time study to the cost of full-time study at the institution in which the study is undertaken.

The College will provide its grant only directly to the institution attended; the College will not make payments directly to the individual or to their parent or guardian.


Eligibility will be determined by the Department of Human Resources.

Payments will be authorized by the Department of Human Resources who will audit the individual’s eligibility, the correctness of the grant to be made and the compliance with theirs rules. It will certify to the Controller’s Office the amount to be paid.

Provisions of the Tuition Scholarship plan for Children are subject to approval and modification by the Board of Trustees. 

Documents (please submit all forms and documents by email to

Tuition remission is a benefit available to eligible employees at Oberlin College. It provides a significant development opportunity for staff to further their education and enhance their career skills. Below is general information about the tuition remission program, and we encourage you to contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions.

Eligible Employees: Full-time and half-time A&PS members, administrative assistants, service employees, and interns are eligible for tuition remission. Full-time eligible employees may take one Oberlin College course, up to four hours per semester, without tuition charge. Half-time eligible employees may take one Oberlin College course, up to five hours per year, without tuition charge.  Private reading and Conservatory applied studies courses are excluded.

Staff Tuition Remission Request Form: Eligible employees must submit the Staff Tuition Remission Form which is available upon request to In addition to the Staff Tuition Remission Form, applicants must officially register for the course through the Registrar’s Office. The registration form is available upon request only (after the applicable semester begins) and must be submitted before the add/drop deadline. Please contact to request the registration form.

All completed forms require the signature approval of the employee’s department head and the Dean of the College or Conservatory, as appropriate.

It is important to note that regular Oberlin College students have priority for all class enrollments. In the spirit of this regulation, tuition remission will not be approved for classes where such an enrollment would displace regular Oberlin students from limited enrollment classes.

Billing: Employees receiving this benefit will receive a bill from the Student Accounts Office. The College automatically pays this bill.

Spousal Tuition Remission: An employee’s spouse or same gender domestic partner is eligible to take one course per semester following all rules in place for enrollment. ObieSafe protocols must be followed while on campus including mask requirements.  Oberlin recommends COVID vaccination for all visitors.  Private reading and Conservatory applied studies are excluded. A spouse/partner may not prevent a student or an active employee from taking a course. For more information, please refer to the Faculty Guide, A&PS Handbook, or Union Contract, whichever is applicable.