Springfield, Ohio
Majors: TIMARA
Interests: Videography, dressage, Marvel, hats, German, Drum Corps International, Sleeping at Last, and taking naps.
El Paso, Texas
Majors: Economics, East Asian Studies
Interests: Learning languages, working out, midnight breakfast, 2000s R&B
Claire in a baseball cap pointing up to the right.
Buffalo, New York
Majors: TIMARA, Environmental Studies
Interests: concerts, statistics, hockey cards, Twitter, golden retrievers, bass guitar, collecting sounds, traveling
Elise outdoors on a summer day
Rockville, Maryland
Majors: Environmental Studies, Economics
Interests: ecological design, blue economy, languages, movies, jazz, Brazilian culture, gap years, vegetarianism, elephant pants
North Reading, Massachusetts
Majors: Biology
Interests: botany, medicine, Chinese language and culture, baking, philosophy, Ultimate Frisbee, word play, D&D, and painting
Emma grabs onto a tree branch and smiles
East Lansing, Michigan
Interests: Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Comparative American Studies, Comparative Literature, theater, writing, bullet journaling, pesto, Doodle Jump, social justice, and Obama.
Portrait of Hannah
Seattle, WA
Majors: Violin
Interests: Reading, watching cooking shows (I looovve Jaques Pepin), and buying different varieties of tea and coffee
Ilana with a viola
Omaha, Nebraska
Majors: Viola, Mathematics
Interests: old buildings, travel, books, chamber music, art museums, baked goods, thrift shopping, fish tacos, going barefoot
Washington, DC
Majors: Psychology, Creative Writing
Interests: cereals, geico commercials, making Spotify playlists, reading about psychological studies of the 20th century, obscure hiding places, college radio, kindness
Janelle wearing a pink sweatshirt
Nashville, Tennessee
Interests: The Beatles, psychology, cats, the color grey, languages, cinnamon, color-coding, puns, breakfast
Atlanta, GA/Dallas, TX
Majors: English
Interests: Sports Journalism, Hip-Hop, Guitar Playing, Social Justice, Christianity, Weightlifting, Marvel Comics, DragonBall Z, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Etc.
head shot
Ann Arbor, MI
Majors: Horn, English
Interests: Short fiction, sandwiches, art history, dogs, animation, semicolons, empathy, my plant Frances
A photo of Meredith, a smiling young white woman with shoulder-length brown hair.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Majors: History
Interests: Reading, history, politics, bad puns, offbeat humor, acting, cats, and a warm cup of tea on a cold winter's day.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Majors: Politics, Creative Writing
Interests: rediscovering home, political theory, poetry, embroidery, baking tasty things, self and community care, visiting art museums, transformative justice
Rachel Gibson's Profile Picture
Tower​ City, PA
Majors: Percussion, TIMARA
Interests: Practicing ​percussion, ​playing theremin, free improvisation, experimental music, John Cage, Doctor Who, anime
Ruth Bieber-Stanley in the sun
Albuquerque, NM
Majors: Psychology, German
Interests: The human brain and behavior, languages, dance, feminism, fun socks, social constructs, chai, sweaters, puns, helping people, haikus, baby goats
This is Sam's head
Montclair, NJ
Majors: History
Interests: Politics, history, fiction, playing guitar and violin, songwriting, The New Yorker, puns
head shot
Boulder, CO
Majors: English
Interests: Writing, swimming, hammocking, poetry, podcasts, teahouses, outdoor adventuring, chocolate, bookstores
Melbourne, Australia
Majors: Computer Science
Interests: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Coding, Reading, Guitar, Photography
Broward County, Florida
Majors: Economics
Interests: Poetry, Working Out, Toaster Strudels, Tupac, Backpacks, Competitions, Football, Self-Care, Shoes, and having a crisp fade and a nice lineup
Cleveland, Ohio
Majors: Neuroscience, Education Studies
Interests: Listening to motivational Youtube videos/music, spending time with family and friends, reading and writing, eating food, and tutoring.

Bloggers Emeriti

Monterey Park, CA
Majors: Computer Science
Interests: RGP video games, comics, reading, thinking, programming
head shot
Boulder, CO
Majors: English, Philosophy
Interests: Criticism, 19th-Century Art and Culture, Popular Music History and Aesthetics, Landscapes, Conversation
Brendan: West Windsor, NJ; Frances: San Rafael, CA
Majors: History
Interests: Brendan: Cats, Chinese, the destructive nature of animal agriculture, Arianda Grande, Bop It. Frances: Film photography, hiking, feminism, cats, trying new foods.
head shot
Chicago, IL
Majors: Sociology, Rhetoric and Composition
Interests: Independent research, hanging out with friends and family, basketball, writing, and dining at the Feve
Woodridge, IL
Majors: Piano
Interests: Piano, organ, the outdoors, psychology, outreach, writing, napping
El wearing a hat
Pittsburgh, PA
Majors: Psychology, Creative Writing
Interests: Writing, reading, very loud mainstream music, American Sign Language, caffeine, psychology, watching too much YouTube
Emma, looking pensive.
Houston, TX
Majors: Politics
Interests: Intersectional feminism, cheesy '80s music, art museums, salt and vinegar chips, outer space, crop tops,
Evanston, IL
Majors: Latin American Studies
Interests: Cholula, languagaes, cumbia,
sex education, comedy, baking seasonal
pies, describing my feelings
Hanne smiling with arms folded
San Francisco, California
Majors: Comparative American Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
Interests: self and community care, performance poetry, brass bands, harm reduction, the Bon Appetit youtube channel, pink theory, hot chocolate
head shot
New York, NY
Majors: Cinema Studies, English
Interests: Filmmaking, literature, social psychology, architecture, creative writing, theater, history, languages, Marvel, cats
A headshot of Kameron wearing a light blue v-neck shirt in front of a garden.
Detroit, MI
Majors: Politics
Interests: Writing, politics, rhetoric, Twitter, storytelling saxophones, freedom, pasta, restorative justice, communications
Lansing, MI
Majors: Environmental Studies
Interests: Rock climbing, mechanical pinsetters, environmental justice, tea of all varieties, mental health, being a good friend
Kira smiling
Sebastopol, CA
Majors: Comparative American Studies, Cinema Studies
Interests: burritos, storytelling, blue skies, reproductive justice, baking, documentaries, swimming in rivers, Broadway, pickles, journalism
Melrose, MA
Majors: Latin American Studies, Politics
Interests: Language learning, sports studies, poetry, schnoodles, and talking about my Oberlin roommate
head shot
Bryn Mawr, PA
Majors: Environmental Studies, Politics
Interests: Video games, dense forests, writing, making playlists, singing in the shower, horticulture, bad jokes, legalese, Latin, poetry about plants, National Parks, anything floral
Rockport, MA
Interests: Acting, singing, writing, drawing, biking, travelling, not corn dogs
head shot
Majors: Environmental Studies, Politics
Interests: Cooking, photography, Myers-Briggs, politics, languages
Chicago, IL
Majors: History
Interests: Peace & conflict studies, education,
therapy, baking, writing, running,
singing in the shower
New Plymouth, New Zealand
Majors: Dance, Computer Science
Interests: Tricking, Tumbling, Acrobatic Movement, Dance, Circus, Rock Climbing, Music, Nature, Malaphors.
San Francisco, CA
Majors: Theater
Interests: Theater, photography, cooking and eating, traveling, musicals, baby goats
Cincinnati, OH
Majors: Psychology
Interests: Humans, basketball, NBA 2K17, pastries, arguing with friends