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Daniela Sueiro '27

Hi! My name is Daniela, and I’m a first-year at the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m still undecided as for a major, but I’m interested in Politics and Studio Art! I’m from New York City (Astoria, Queens), and Oberlin has very quickly become my second home. 

On campus, you can usually find me in the main library, Mudd, reading for class and using my colored post-its like they’re weapons. 

I’m involved with WOBC, the Oberlin community and college radio (I have a 5AM jazz radio show on Tuesdays!), Plum Creek Review (a literature review of student submissions), and Survivors of Sexual Harm and Assault and Allies as a social events organizer. I’m also learning swing dance through the beginner ExCo offered. In my free time, I like abusing my free access to Oberlin concerts, throwing impromptu tea parties in my dorm, and having movie nights with friends!

Off campus, I volunteer for the Hope Collective in town, go for long walks in the Arboretum, and find refuge in Tappan Square reading under a tree. I’m still exploring, and very excited to bring you along with me as I discover more wonderful people, places, and communities here at Oberlin!

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