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Ozzie Frazier '27

Hey everybody! My name is Ozzie and I’m originally from a small town in western Massachusetts (think Oberlin but with Dunkin’ Donuts and real maple syrup). Before I visited Oberlin, I didn’t really know much about it, but after touring I found myself endlessly reading blogs to kill time on the car ride home. I ended up applying Early Decision, and almost two years later, I am now a blogger myself.

Although I have yet to declare a major, I’m interested in studying Sociology as well as pretty much anything else you can imagine. Here on campus, I am a member of OCircus and Obility, which are both student-run clubs. I currently live in a single in Kahn, where I can often be found doing jigsaw puzzles or listening to my friends play guitar. When I’m not in class or holed up in Mudd, I frequently visit the kittens at Ginko, located in downtown Oberlin. In my free time, I like to listen to podcasts and compete against myself at all the NYT Games. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or just say hi if you see me on campus!

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