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Marcus Jensen '27

Hey! My name is Marcus Jensen, and I’m a first-year here at Oberlin. I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota - homeland of Prince, among many other wonderful things such as rollerblades and honeycrisp apples! I love reading (especially Amor Towles, Leigh Bardugo, Jandy Nelson, and Erin Morgenstern) and perhaps while away too many hours at the Oberlin Public Library (though I think any and all time spent at a library well spent).

I’m still exploring what exactly I want to focus on here at Oberlin, but there’s a very high probability that you can find me either at the Conservatory poring over some aspect of music history or in Mudd dissecting a Gender/Feminist Studies reading - if I’m not there, I’m probably practicing cello, organ, or a piece for the a cappella group I'm in, 'Round Midnight! Tune into my radio show - Fugue State - on Friday at 1PM to hear some of my musical tastes or stop by Tappan (weather not withstanding, I'm usually out there).

I’m absotively delighted to share some of my stories from Oberlin here, and if you happen to run into me, feel free to chat - although there is a high likelihood that a Minnesota goodbye will occur, so plan accordingly!

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