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Thorin Finch '26

Hello fellow humans! I’m Thorin, and when I’m not working on my novel or drawing or studying or practicing or composing or procrastinating any of the above or running a D&D session or at rehearsal or getting a scone from Slow Train, you can find me wondering how I manage to do so many things, or, as of this fall, sharing my thoughts on Oberlin with you, the prospective students!

When I came to Oberlin, I had seen pictures and been on tours and even chatted with a few students, but I was oblivious to the subtle, eccentric wonder that permeates its halls and paths. It was only when I stumbled upon a fantastic D&D group, a wonderful student-produced musical, and several inspiring and supportive professors within a month of moving in that I realized how serendipitous my choice to come to Oberlin had been. Maybe it was just good fortune, or witchcraft, or whatever they put in the pierogies at Stevenson. 

Magic, luck, wonder; all notoriously difficult to capture in words, and yet here I am trying anyway. If you happen to bump into me in Tappan, maybe I can show you. I’m the one wearing a coat and humming, there on the left. 

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