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Phoebe McChesney ’25

Hello! I’m Phoebe. I’m currently a first-year and very excited to be here! I’m planning to major in Politics, but I'm definitely open to changing it. :)

I was born in China, but raised in Chicago and spent the last decade or so being rolled through the “super awesome” (not really) school systems there, but am so glad to get a breath of fresh air at Oberlin.

In my free time, I work at the Conservatory and Science Libraries, engage in Barefoot Dialogue, write as an opinion columnist for The Oberlin Review, and enjoy taking walks around Tappan Square, sitting beside the koi pond, or going on rides along the bike path. I love admiring the gorgeous fall colors of the leaves and definitely take the opportunity to stop and snap some pics when I can.

On weekdays, you can usually find me chilling in my dorm or speeding to class on my bike, plugged into whatever music I’m into at the moment. On the weekends, you’ll find me sleeping, watching movies, or deep in thought.

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