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Ida Rosenstein '26

Hi! I’m Ida and I’m a second-year English and (hopefully) creative writing major, with a minor in history! I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota, so I would tell you that the Mall of America is overrated but you’ve probably already heard that. 

When I’m not busy with academics, I’m probably practicing new swing dance moves! I am a TA for the Beginning Swing Exco as well as a board member for the OSwing and Blues club. You’ll always see me at our dances so feel free to say hi or ask to learn a few steps! I’m also a staff member for The Plum Creek Review and The Grape

On a sunny day, you can often find me in North Quad or Wilder bowl with friends—studying or just chatting! I also love to lie outside with a good book (probably fantasy or surrealism!) or listen to one of my carefully curated playlists. I also love to play video games, write fiction, and watch terrible reality tv with my friends in my free time. Additionally, I was officially introduced to TTRPGS at Oberlin and it is my new obsession. So please, ask me about my D&D character—I’ll have a lot to say! I am absolutely thrilled to be an Oberlin blogger and cannot wait to gush about my experience. 

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