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Kate Magnacca ’26

Hello! My name is Kate, and I’m a first-year studying psychology here at Oberlin. I’m from Westerville, Ohio – which, despite being a mere two-hour drive away, is an entirely different world from Oberlin.

On campus, you can usually find me at rehearsal. I’m always in a musical or show of some sort, and absolutely love performing. I am also an assistant teacher for theater and improv classes at the MADfactory. I’m a member of VIBE tap, a student-run dance company that performs a couple of times a semester – if you get a chance, come see us! Additionally, I run a little crochet/knitting group (which is always happy to have new members!), and volunteer at For Ewe. 

When not busy with all of those things, I love to read pretty much any and everything – especially YA. I visit the kittens at Ginko very often, and enjoy doing yoga at Solaluna. Most nights, I’m either in my dorm crocheting and watching New Girl, or studying in Mudd. I am so excited to be an Oberlin blogger! I hope that my words can be a spot of brightness for you.

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