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Hanna Alwine ’26

Hi all! My name is Hanna Alwine and I am from the tiny little town of Carlisle, PA (though when compared to Oberlin it’s actually quite large). I am not sure what I’m majoring in yet, which feels like quintessential Oberlin to me, but I am interested in all things literature and language.

On campus you can find me working at Azzy’s (I’m trying to find out just how dependent on coffee one college student can become), throwing in the pottery co-op, or reading by Finney Chapel koi pond. I’m just learning all of the best secret study spots on campus, so if you have any – let me know!

Off campus I spend a lot of my time biking and hiking – Carlisle sits on a nice stretch of the Appalachian Trail – playing with my cats, and finding ways to write in the sun. I also love to travel when I can – bus trips between PA and OH have become one of my favorite pastimes. I am convinced that I’d be happy if I could spend the rest of my life listening to music and staring out a moving car window.

I hope you all enjoy my blogs (I’ll attempt to make them as relevant and interesting as possible), and if you see me around campus don’t hesitate to say hi!

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