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Ava Illi '27

Hi! I’m Ava and I’m a first-year. I love any kind of writing (shocker), using the internet to look up how to play angry girl songs from the 90s on the guitar (I’m very much not in the conservatory), and wandering around finding cool spots around town.

I grew up in Manhattan, which I think is cool but it gets a bit old - it’s a tidbit I’ve promised myself I’d save until at least a few sentences in, so I think I’m doing pretty ok so far. A great thing about growing up in a city is that it’s gotten me into the mildly bad habit of insisting that exciting, undiscovered spots are within walking distance around every and any area of the country - including in Oberlin, Ohio.

If I’m not wandering around the side of the road trying to find an abandoned water tower, though, I’m probably “running late to class” (I make it there. I just have to believe in myself). So, if you need any assistance with increasing your average walking pace, I’ve got you covered - all it takes is a handy dandy New York mindset. I hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to say hi around campus!

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Winter Term Shenanigans

January 31, 2024

As I sat in blissful ignorance on the plane ride back from Winter Break, there was no way I could ever have imagined precisely what was in store for the rest of January.