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Natalie Frank ’26

Hey there! I am Natalie, a first-year here at Oberlin. I’m from Wisconsin where you can find cheese, beautiful sunsets, cheese, and cheese.

I can juggle three balls (working on four), I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a decade, and I am a published author. Obviously, I love to write and have written six novels. Chances are, one of them is in the genre you like to read (fantasy, romance, historical fiction, literary, science fiction) unless you don’t enjoy reading, in which case I have been known to rap on occasion.

If I’m not taking 10-minute-power-naps in my dorm, I’m drinking hot chocolate from Azzie’s, biking through downtown, or gatekeeping all of my best studying places. I love Oberlin, so if you want to find my favorite spots, wander around campus – you’ll find most of them. Besides being a blogger and a student, I am a juggler and acrobat in OCircus!, an intern for Hillel, an Admissions Ambassador, a student in the Oberlin Experimental College, and a member of the Pottery Co-Op. I can’t wait to tell you my stories; hopefully, I can hear some of yours!

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