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Evan Hamilton ’26

Salutations! I came to Oberlin from a suburb of beautiful Portland, Oregon. I’ve swiftly found a second home in Ohio as a first-year at Oberlin, however, and have come to enjoy the comeliness of our campus apart from my previous city. I intend to double major in Creative Writing and Biology, with a minor in Spanish (you may find me eating at El Rincón Latino: the Spanish Lunch Corner in Stevenson Dining Hall!).

Outside of academics, I sing with the Oberlin Musical Union, participate in OMSTA (Oberlin Musical and Student Theatre Association), and attend meetings for OCOW (Oberlin Community of Writers). I additionally try to make time for writing my fantasy novel series, which is always on my mind, whenever possible. I’m the co-designer of the role-playing game Alterra: Age of Exploration, and play tabletop and Nintendo games with the few spare moments in my chosen busy schedule.

My residence is a double on the second floor of the Dascomb first-year dorm. I’m elated to be writing about my sensational school in the Oberlin Blogs, and I hope you’ll say hi if you see me in any of my numerous frequented spots on campus, as I love meeting new people! I can’t promise I’ll be able to talk for long, though, since Oberlin is brimming with dynamic opportunities that always are calling.

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