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Julia Xu '27

Hey! I’m Julia, and I’m a first-year who still uses Google Maps to navigate town. I'm majoring in Politics and am entertaining the possibility of a minor in Sociology or East Asian Studies.

During the weekdays, you’ll probably find me at one of three spots in Mudd Library: Azariah’s Café, a big study room with friends (without much studying), or frantically finishing an essay on the second floor. On the weekends, however, you’ll likely find me on the first floor of Kahn (a dorm I don’t live in) having a movie night or cooking Sunday dinner, a tradition my friends and I established during the second week of classes. 

As a first-generation American whose family often did not complete secondary education, I see Oberlin as an exciting privilege and uncharted territory. My college experience so far has been more than my family and I could’ve imagined, and I can’t wait to share my favorite parts with you!

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