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Tim Martin ’22

What’s up, I’m Tim. I’m an Economics major, a member of the Oberlin Track and Field team, a Wide Receiver on the football team, a published author, as well as a Ninde Scholar, but most importantly....... I’m busy! I’m not saying this as a bad thing, though, because college is the time in your life that you are supposed to pursue your goals and ambitions and I’m going to pursue them to the fullest. Throughout my life I have lived in nine different states, but I’m not going to bore you with them here. The places that influenced me the most were Broward County, Florida, and Baltimore, Maryland. 

Find me in Mudd library, where I’m either working on my homework or talking when I should be working on my homework. By next year I hope to be a TA or an OWL for an economics class, so I really should be doing more of the former. In my free time, I like to write and I am currently working on my second book. If you see me around campus give me a random word and I’ll write you a story on the spot!

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