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Memory Lane: Sundays at Oberlin

August 19, 2020

Tim Martin ’22

It's a Sunday morning. The sun peeked through my blinds and said hello to wake me up out of my slumber. I get dressed and meet up with Deena. It's cold outside, and even though she reminded me to wear my gloves I still didn't. The birds are chirping by the AJLC and the ice water by the building glistens in the sunlight. We are walking to the north side of campus at an uptempo pace. We are late for breakfast at Stevie and if we don't get there soon there won't be anything to eat. We are always late on Sundays. After walking halfway there, we convince each other to go eat at one of our favorite restaurants in town, and we both act fake disappointed in ourselves for spending more money instead of using our meal swipes.

After a bulgogi bowl at Kim's washed down with coconut water I was ready to start the day. Deena ate dumplings and when she finished her meal informed me that we should have gone to Bingo. Deena likes Kim's but she loves Bingo and wants to go there as often as possible. We stand up from our seats and put our coats and scarves on and shuffle our way back to campus. While we walk Deena tells me about all the work she has to do and how she needs to "really grind" when we get to the library. Even though she had such conviction about getting work done, there still was quite a bit of chit-chatting when we got to Mudd Library. After talking for a bit, though, she really put her head down and worked hard on completing her assignment. Simultaneously, I worked for a while too before getting up and talking to a friend or two throughout the library.

I look at my phone and see it is already 3:30 in the afternoon. Time is moving fast. I sit down and pull out one of my more difficult assignments. The plan is to finish it before dinner time so that I can feel good about myself. I end up completing the assignment before dinner and Deena and I walk over to Stevie. She takes a peek at every section as we walk over to the grain bar. I get a dish that involves rice, meat, and vegetables and she gets something similar except with tofu and a worse sauce. I see some of my friends from track and football and say hello to them while I fill my cup up with lemonade. After I eat I'm going to have to go back to Mudd and grind out some assignments, but right now it's time to enjoy a nice dinner.

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