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November 21, 2021

Tim Martin ’22

In class today we worked on eliminating the umms from our sentences as our professor stressed that there is no time for hesitation when we give a speech. This made me think: What can be gained in a hesitation? A hesitation can be a moment to think. Rebalancing your thought, making sure that your next move is your best move. A hesitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In basketball, you oftentimes use a hesitation to fool your defender in order to score. Stopping for a brief moment, providing yourself options, different directions to go in. I would encourage people to do the same in life. It is always good to review the options you have before making your next decision.

I’m walking down the sidewalk as I write this. Yellow leaves blanket the road and continue to fall like confetti greeting me. Orange leaves stick to the trees like the ember of a fire sticks to the wood. A peaceful feeling has control of today. The type of feeling that occurs when you feel you are moving in the right direction.

I am now in The Arb, a restaurant on campus. Soul music from the ’70s is playing over the speakers and a cool wind is hitting my skin. I feel like this is a hesitation. A pause in the day before I return to the action. Pauses can be beautiful.

Michael Jackson is now playing over the speakers. The song has a beat with a higher tempo than the last. The transition between the two songs was smooth even with the change in tempo. Kind of like the transition in basketball from a hesitation to scoring the basketball. Even though the movement is quick and explosive, it is still smooth. Transitions can be just as important as the hesitation.

Soon I will be transitioning to life after college. I was on FaceTime joking with my sister yesterday that I can’t cook so I will be starving upon graduation. We both know though that I will figure out how to cook one way or another. It will just take a slight hesitation, a break in the action. There’s always points in our life when we need a break in the action. While it is important to eliminate hesitation in speeches, they will always be necessary in life.

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