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Spring Break Plans

March 27, 2022

Tim Martin ’22

As I wrap up my midterms I have simultaneously been preparing to travel for spring break. Given the many different interests of Oberlin students, it is always interesting to hear what they plan to do for breaks. I have friends going everywhere from Spain to the Netherlands. Student organizations are also going on trips, including the investment club which is taking a trip to Miami to attend a finance conference. Personally, I will be traveling to South Korea as my partner got the tremendous opportunity to study abroad at Yonsei University in South Korea, so I will be visiting and traveling across the country with her. 

Growing up, I lived in many different states, but had never left the United States, so planning this trip was an exciting experience for me. Given that I had never been abroad, though, I developed many questions while going through the process of obtaining any necessary visas I may need and things of that nature. The beauty about Oberlin is there is always someone you can lean on to ask your questions to. Recently I grabbed dinner with a close friend of mine from Oberlin, and as we ate he coached me on what to do when I arrive at the airport of my connecting flight. The level of community support I have received from my friends at Oberlin has made me even more excited about the trip.

Not only have my friends supported me throughout this process, but my on-campus jobs have as well. Being a student who does work-study, I have multiple on-campus jobs; simultaneously there were two days before spring break started when I didn’t have any classes. With this in mind, I spoke with the people in charge of the programs that I work in and asked if I could leave campus early so that I could have a longer spring break, and they said yes and got excited when they heard what my plans were. This is just an example of the flexibility in schedule one experiences as a student at Oberlin College. From supportive on-campus jobs to professors setting up office hour appointments on the weekends to meet with students who have tight schedules, Oberlin is a place that will provide you with every opportunity to succeed. 

With all the stress of planning the trip fading away, it is almost time to go on the trip. Today we made plans to visit Jeju Island while I’m there, and I spent the next hour watching videos of things to do in Jeju! Needless to say, I am extremely excited for this spring break and I will keep you all updated on the experience. Don’t forget to comment below and say what you are up to for the break.

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