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Crocker Park Trips

May 23, 2022

Tim Martin ’22

It's a beautiful Thursday evening at Oberlin in the cafeteria. Everyone is talking about the same thing, the premiere of the new Dr. Strange movie that is being released tonight! Oberlin has a strong culture of friends going to the movies together, as the Apollo Theater is in downtown Oberlin which is a five-minute walk from the dorms. Today I am going to meet up with my friends and travel thirty minutes to Crocker Park to see the movie, though. Crocker Park is one of my favorite places to visit in the surrounding area as it is an outdoor shopping center with restaurants, a movie theater, and lots of other things to do. The movie theater at Crocker Park is very modern whereas the movie theater at Oberlin maintains more of the classic style. Personally, I love both styles and I left it up to my friends to decide where we were watching the movie tonight. The deciding factor ended up being that they wanted to get boba from Crocker Park!

An amazing resource that the Oberlin community has access to is the Oberlin rental car program. This program gives students access to two Electric Vehicles that are on campus. My friends and I decided to use this program to get to Crocker Park today, and I oftentimes use it for other off-campus activities such as going to Cleveland or getting a haircut! Laughter filled the air as my friends and I walked to the electric vehicle, and laughter quickly switched to excitement when we got in the car. As we drove we sang along to the music being played on the radio and discussed everything that had occurred in the Marvel Universe up to this point, making sure everyone was on the same page before the movie started. Once arriving at Crocker Park we made a beeline for boba and each ordered our favorite flavor. Personally, I like taro boba the best, my friends always try to get me to try different flavors though but never can convince me. After finishing off our bobas we headed over to the movie theater. The smell of popcorn was in the air and we all migrated over to the concession stand. After getting popcorn and drinks we found our seats, put our 3D glasses on, and excitedly began to watch the movie.

Whispers to each other as the film plays, laughs here and there, there is nothing like bonding over a movie. On the ride back we debated whether we preferred the Dr. Strange or the latest Spider-Man film. Personally, I was team Dr. Strange, as I found it interesting how they mixed detective elements in with typical superhero movie elements. What I enjoyed the most, though, was hanging out with my friends. With just four weeks of college left until graduation, I hope to make as many memories with my friends as possible. From singing songs together while we ride to Crocker Park, to drinking boba and conversing together, to debating which movie we like the most, hanging out with my friends will be some of my best memories once I graduate. Over the past four years, Oberlin has brought many special people into my life who have helped shape who I am as a person, and also learn from their perspectives. Oberlin College is truly a magical place that creates an environment made for friendship and then naturally develops the friendships more and more over time. It’s a place where you all will grow together, learn together, and eventually graduate together! Make sure to watch out as I blog about my last four weeks of college and drop a comment below for any movie recommendations!

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