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Oberlin's Connection to Cleveland

March 17, 2020

Tim Martin ’22

Looking back at the beginning of freshman year, it was a fun time when everyone was extremely open to being friends with anyone. Friendships were being formed left and right and students were getting adjusted to college life. Oberlin planned out events to help us adjust. One of these events was called Connect Cleveland. Every Oberlin freshman was taken to the city of Cleveland to participate in various activities ranging from painting in an art studio to visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. After adventuring through the city, Oberlin took us to University Circle where we were fed. After eating a nice lunch, all of the students roamed through the museums. I made friendships during the Connect Cleveland that still last to this day, but what really stands out to me is the barrier that was broken between Cleveland and Oberlin. Oberlin is such a caring environment that it is easy just to stay in Oberlin and not want to go anywhere, but I think it is tremendous of the college to push students to explore outside of the classroom. This leads to not only future career opportunities but more well-rounded individuals.

Oberlin didn't stop its Connect Cleveland movement after freshman orientation week, though. I have been on many Oberlin-sponsored outings, including trips to Cleveland Cavaliers games and malls in the area. I have become well versed in traveling throughout Northeast Ohio and now find myself driving places without even using Google maps. Thanks to Oberlin's commitment to connecting students to the surrounding areas I feel totally comfortable traveling all over Northeast Ohio. I like to get my hair cut in a shop by the Great Northern Mall, and when I have time my friends and I go on adventures in the city. 

While speaking to other students at Oberlin, it is clear they also have developed an attachment to the Cleveland area. Many economics majors pursue internships at the Federal Reserve. I know several graduates that currently work at investment banks in Cleveland. Oberlin is also one of a few elite schools that are a part of the Summer on the Cuyahoga program that provides summer internships to students in all sectors. The program also offers free housing for the summer and a stipend for your work at the companies. When you are a student at Oberlin College you don't just have the support of Oberlin, you have the support of all of Northeast Ohio. This leads to wonderful opportunities and experiences that will change your life.

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