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A November Weekend

November 7, 2021

Tim Martin ’22

I’m currently sitting in my favorite restaurant waiting for a meal. I completed a hard but rewarding workout this morning. I decided to take a break from writing a paper I had been working on that is similarly hard but rewarding, to get some food. I grew up listening to J Cole say there is beauty in the struggle. I love taking the words from different places of my mind and forming them into sentences that become paragraphs that become the final product. Finally, at the end, everyone will be able to see the beauty that I was creating in this literature struggle. To me, writing isn’t that different from a puzzle, once you find the right pieces you have a beautiful picture.

I like to paint pictures when I write. I’ll paint you the picture of today. The golden rays of the sun are kissing the pigment of the newly grown grass outside of Mudd Library today giving the school a vibrant look. Happiness is in the air as parents have come to visit their kids. The kids are excitedly taking their parents to their favorite restaurants in Oberlin and walking them through all their favorite places. Tappan Square is full right now; parents are probably trying to catch a glimpse of the albino squirrel before they leave at the end of parents weekend.

My personal picture has existed inside of Mudd Library today. My girlfriend and I just ate lunch while laughing about the games of Uno that we played with our friends last night. She did all she could to win (even attempting to put down a 0, a 1, and a 3 card all at once) but she could only manage to get last place. She claims she will get redemption tonight when we go to Dave & Buster's. In the meantime, I am working on a 1500-word paper for my religion class. I am using this paper to push myself as a writer, as it was meant to be written as a traditional essay but I spoke with the professor and he is allowing me to write it all in prose form. The educational flexibility and constant push to explore creative pathways are some of the things I love the most about Oberlin.

It is the next day. I have decided to treat this blog as a stream of consciousness. The sun is still out and the sky is still blue. My essay is complete and my mind shifts between what I’m going to eat for breakfast and what assignment I’m going to do next. I’m tempted to take a trip down to the Feve and get pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I might just have to. I love Sundays; to me, they are the most relaxing day of the week. The weather outside is crisp and I’m excited to start the day. My Econ research paper is calling my name and so is the Feve, it’s time to get some food and then get to work. Nothing is better than a sunny Sunday with no worries.

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