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October 22, 2021

Tim Martin ’22

I find creative inspiration in the classroom. Sitting in class the professor's words echo through the room. As I learn I transfer the professor's words into words of my own. Ideas sprouting watered by the knowledge of communal learning. My notebooks are covered in poetry, poems about the things I learned in class. I oftentimes write them as class happens. I learn in different ways but my mind is in action.

I take pieces of the world and apply them to my schooling. I got nine pieces, I’ve lived in nine places. What would I tell this puzzle? I ain’t got all the answers but I got a few. Please figure out the why in you. Turn every rock you see, you never know where the correct opportunity may be. Oberlin elevated me. The trees stood strong in the winter and bloomed in the spring. My dad told me there’s a planting season and there’s a harvesting. Senior year I plan on harvesting. Chasing dreams, they’re not far from me. I’m in action, I’m deciding who I want to be. I took all the light in the darkness and made a constellation. I think I made the right decisions, what comes next is my confirmation.

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