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How to Bounce Back

November 28, 2021

Tim Martin ’22

Chances are, throughout your college career something will not go your way. Maybe you don’t do as well on a test as you anticipated, or you don’t get the internship that you desire. These are situations that will definitely leave you feeling down, but I encourage you to explore the beauty of the situation.

Life is a learning experience. Every success story is filled with rejection. How you respond to the rejection determines what your story looks like. After four years of college, I have noticed that the people I have met that have gone on to have a significant amount of career success are the ones who have a constant persistence about themselves. They might not do the best on every test, but they will find out why they didn’t do well and adjust from there. If they applied to an internship and were passed over for the position, they evaluate where they could have been better and make the adjustment. Oberlin is a place that encourages this persistence. With a strong career center that is ready at a moment's notice to help you find strong internships and a strong alumni base that is always willing to provide guidance, there is no question that can’t be answered at Oberlin College. On the academic side, Oberlin has free tutoring for all the students as well as teacher assistance and OWLs who can help you in the courses that you take. Thanks to the constant resources Oberlin provides, persistence always pays off.

So how do you bounce back? I would have to say just continue to work hard. One bad grade doesn’t define your intelligence and one internship rejection doesn’t define who you are. Be persistent about your goals and make sure to utilize the resources that Oberlin provides!

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