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Thanksgiving Break with the Investment Club

November 21, 2021

Tim Martin ’22

Thanksgiving break has begun. So far the semester has been an amazing journey. My senior schedule has been light up to this point, but I expect it to heat up going into the second half of the semester. The lightness of the schedule has allowed me to dive deeper into the investing world as I have entrenched myself in the stock market. A big reason I have been so dedicated to learning as much as possible about the stock market is my involvement in the Finance and Investment Club. Every Sunday we meet and discuss potential stocks to invest in, as well as learn about how to evaluate companies. From learning about DCFs to deciding whether or not to invest in Tesla, my involvement in the club has been a tremendous experience.

My experience is only growing as well as I am currently on a flight to New York with the other officers of the Investment Club. When we arrive we plan to attend sessions with Oberlin alumni where we can learn more about the finance industry. I am especially excited as two of the alumni we are going to speak with are friends of mine that I haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic. One of the most amazing things about Oberlin is the relationships you will make while at the school. Even though I have not seen these two friends in two years, we text weekly and they have been like mentors to me since I met them. Whether it was discussing what classes I should take or what internships fit my interests, they were always there to give helpful advice. While I am referencing these two friends in particular, I know that this culture exists throughout the campus and everyone at Oberlin wants to see each other succeed.

The Finance and Investment Club has mirrored this culture as we look to guide the underclass members of the club to internships that will lead to full-time job offers. One strategy we have used to pursuit this is having detailed discussions on interview tips as well as potential questions you may be asked while going through the interview process. I feel that this year more than ever we have made an even greater push in this department, as we have had sessions where the officers review resumes in order to ensure everyone is prepared to apply for jobs and internships. We also plan on developing a curriculum while in New York that will assist current and future members of the club learn more about investing. There is a buzz of excitement that exists throughout the club, and I can’t wait to get to work on the curriculum.

Outside of working on the curriculum and meeting with alumni we also have bonding activities planned. We will be staying in Times Square for the first half of the trip which will allow us to do tourist activities as a group. In the morning we have workout sessions planned, although we still aren’t sure which of us will lead these sessions. Overall, it’s going to be an amazing chance for us to grow closer as a group, and I am excited to see what this trip brings. From meeting with alumni to developing a curriculum, to getting a workout in together, this should be a great Thanksgiving break!

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