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Room for Magic

January 29, 2022

Tim Martin ’22

Creativity sparks where do I start, open up the notes app that’s where I write at. Share my ideas with the world, looking through the news, looking through my feed the world is reciprocating their ideas with me. I listen to my favorite artists when I write, am I writing to the beat, the pull of a guitar string? The song may bring bliss or pull heartstrings. I’ve been watching the snowfall all day, the sunlight reflects off it making the world even brighter. Pen to paper, encouragement makes it feel even lighter to share your ideas. Everywhere I go I have a chance to show expression. This is one of the essences of Oberlin. Piano keys fill your footsteps as you walk through the hallway. Poetry flows through Wilder Bowl like the breeze. I’ve been in Oberlin in the winter, I’ve been in Oberlin as spring turned to summer. I’ve seen Oberlin in summer’s day, chipmunks bouncing from tree to tree. So much joy, so much expression, so much energy.

Always pushing limits. This place is limitless. Working in Mudd, scribbling on the whiteboard brings the feel of bliss. A room full of friends, a room full of classmates, a room full of help. No stone left unturned, no question left unanswered, this is a place for exploration. This is a place to get to know yourself better. The setting is close to the city. Many adventures have taken place downtown. Watching Cavaliers games, going to museums, Oberlin always offering these opportunities and making sure you see them. Taking trips to Crocker Park with your friends. Music blasting as you all sing from the beginning of the trip to the end. We all grab boba and walk from store to store until we look at each other and decide we don’t want to walk anymore. We end up at the movie theater watching the new Spider-Man, discussions about the plot fill the air for the rest of the night. Some of us think it was the greatest Spider-Man movie ever, some think it was just alright, but we all know that the fun came from hanging out together all night.

Oberlin is a place where you will meet people you love. At track meets teammates cheering for you so loud it consumes the room. “Leave a little room for magic,” my coach told us. My magic is my team. Like the sunlight hitting the snow they make every day brighter. The cheers of my teammates make the heaviest days lighter. Meeting every day, what’s your rose, what’s your bud, what’s your thorn? Truly caring about what’s going on in others' lives. Truly coming together as one family, pasta nights, and Uno. Jokes fill the table as Uno cards get passed around. Soon the competitive spirit will take over as we see who gets rid of their cards first. Always great to have fun nights like these after a day of schoolwork.

A world that is like a canvas, paint your picture as you choose. Finding yourself in your passions, finding people whose interests are matching these passions. Oberlin is a place where you can display your creativity to the masses, or just to yourself. A wealth of encouragement surrounds you, every bit of Oberlin leaves room for magic.

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