Career Exploration and Development

Considering Law School

A career in law can be exciting and personally fulfilling. It can be an opportunity to use intellectual skills you have developed at Oberlin to meaningfully impact a wide range of important issues.  

However, the decision to attend law school is a big one. Law school is an expensive proposition, and it is a profession that should be entered only after careful consideration as to whether it will be a good match for your interests and talents. 

It is important to do some research before committing to three additional years in school.  Talk to lawyers in your community about their careers to get a sense of what may or may not appeal to you about the work they do. Use your summers and winter terms to obtain hands-on experience through law-based internships or community engagement.

If you are in your junior or senior year, consider applying to the Law and Policy Career Community.  As a community member, you’ll participate in workshops with faculty, staff and alumni, receive course credit, and obtain a paid summer internship.

Discover Law and Policy Career Community

We also encourage you to check out the following resources to learn more about on what you can do with a law degree, common areas of employment, and salary details.