Career Exploration and Development

Adulting After College

Job searching and student loans and credit card debt … OH MY! While there is no guide for adulting, listed below are some ways to actively, productively, and successfully launch into the post-graduate world.

Emotional Wellness After College

Emotional wellness is both a recognition, understanding, and acceptance of your emotions and also your ability to manage your emotions in times of stress, change, and uncertainty. By practicing emotional wellness, you can increase your overall happiness and satisfaction levels so that you are able to best navigate the world around you. 

Options for managing emotional wellness include, but are not limited to, engaging in mindfulness techniques, journaling, meditating, taking a walk outside, setting weekly goals, discovering a new hobby, practicing yoga, or deepening social connections. 

Financial Wellness After College

Financial wellness is a feeling of satisfaction about your financial situation. Finances are a common stressor for people, so being able to minimize worry about this aspect of your life can enhance your overall wellness.

Options for managing financial wellness include having a household budget, starting a savings account and adding to it every month, saving some of your income in an emergency account, cutting back or limiting unnecessary expenses, avoiding credit card debt, shopping at thrift stores, using the library for free books and movies, and cooking your own meals instead of dining out.