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Pre-Law Guide

Oberlin’s academic rigor and liberal arts curriculum provide an excellent preparation for students considering a career in law.

Obies in Law School

  • Top three law schools attended by Oberlin graduates: Harvard, University of California- Berkeley, Georgetown
  • Law School admissions rate for graduating seniors for the past 5 years: 97%
  • Average number of law school acceptances by graduating seniors over the last five years: 4.6

Law schools express no preference for particular majors, but they want to see engaged students who have challenged themselves with a rigorous, well-rounded course of study. Successful law students tend to be people who not only have a strong academic record, but have compelling non-academic pursuits and who have involved themselves in making a contribution in some aspect of community life.

Profile of an Obie Lawyer: Joanne Lee '15, Yale Law School '18

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Oberlin’s pre-law advisor works with alumni and students who are considering a legal career and throughout the law school application process. The advisor also welcomes questions from prospective students or their parents.

Interested in law school or have questions about the application process? Schedule an appointment (Graduate School > Law School: Considering/Applying) with Anthony Pernell-McGee, Oberlin's pre-law advisor. 

Pre-law advising is available on Fridays from 2:00–5:00 p.m.

The Pre-Law Advisor Can Help

  • determine if law is the right field for you
  • identify academic and experiential pre-law opportunities
  • create a law school application timeline
  • make a study plan for the LSAT
  • evaluate which law schools to apply to
  • review law school application essays
  • review admission packages