Career communities are a way for students to connect with other students, alumni, parents, and faculty who share an interest or expertise in a particular employment sector.

For 2019-20, we have added several communities, with all offered in both fall and spring.

Student members of a career community will gain skills and experience relevant to their career interests along with course credit and a summer internship. Students in their junior or senior year may apply.

How to Get Started

Begin now so you can participate this fall. 

Why Join a Career Community?

The best part of belonging to a career community is that you do not have to go through career preparation alone, and you will be guaranteed a financially supported summer internship. You will have the support network of Oberlin faculty and staff, fellow students, and our talented and successful alumni.

Each community will work with a team of designated mentors. Career communities will meet six times during the semester in interactive workshop settings to hone effective communication, problem-solving, and intercultural skills.

The concrete learning outcomes of these workshops are:

  1. to understand and articulate the transferable skills you have developed at Oberlin;
  2. to develop a professional network of potential mentors and employers;
  3. to explore potential career paths through an internship.

What’s New This Year?

The career communities program is growing! In addition to the expanded list of communities, the program is now available in both fall and spring. While the fall and spring tracks offer the same communities, workshops, and opportunities, they differ in how they implement the funded summer internship. See the summer internships section of How It Works to learn more.

About the Program

With generous support from Oberlin’s alumni and parents, the  career communities program was created by the Career Development Center in collaboration with the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.

If you have any questions, please contact Dana Hamdan, Associate Dean of Students and Executive Director of the Career Development Center.